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Aaron E. Allen, Esq.

Aaron E. Allen is the managing partner and head litigator of Allen Law Group, P.C. in Beverly, Massachusetts. The firm specializes in family law and has coined a motto to perfectly describe their philosophy— Where your family matters. This is not just a marketing ploy or slogan for Attorney Allen, it is the guiding principle for how he manages the practice and treats clients. “I focus on helping people through the emotional times that are quite prevalent in this area of law,” he says. “My clients come to me at the most difficult time in their lives when they are experiencing divorce, child custody, child support, among other pressing issues. They deserve nothing less than compassion and expertise.”


As the owner of a small firm, Attorney Allen oversees the entire client experience from attaining the client, to development of case strategy, to implementation. Because he also litigates every case himself, he encourages clients to contact him directly at any time. This is not to say that Attorney Allen is a ‘one-man-show’—he has a dedicated triage staff to support the five-star level of service that the firm has become known for. In addition, Attorney Allen’s 20 years of experience and ability to see the big picture enables him to anticipate, identify, and ultimately exceed, client needs and objectives.


Whether he is providing counsel, or in the courtroom, Attorney Allen knows the value of attentive and skillful representation. “It can’t just be a business transaction,” he explains. “With something as intimate as family law, you really have to be present and go through the experience with the client.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, Attorney Allen maintained his pledge by facilitating virtual meetings and implementing systems to enable secure document delivery and remote signing, thereby keeping cases moving when personal interaction was not possible.


Although Attorney Allen credits his success to the quality of care that the firm maintains, his practical experience and academic background cannot be overlooked. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and then obtaining his law degree from New England School of Law, Attorney Allen worked with a large firm in the capacity of an attorney and consultant. Soon after, he founded a private practice, which he led for 17 years prior to founding the Allen Law Group, P.C. Additionally, he is a longtime member of the National Association of Divorce Professionals, the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys, and multiple bar associations. Attorney Allen has also built an impressive history of community engagement. As a member of the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce, he is directly involved with community businesses and leaders, which is yet another indication of his commitment and passion for advancing both law and society.



Aaron E. Allen, Esq.

Managing Partner, Head Litigator — Allen Law Group, P.C.




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