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Aaron Sakaria

Aaron Sakaria started trading company, Fresh Industries, in 2009 in Shanghai, selling furniture to major retailers like West Elm, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters. When he and his wife, Kristina, moved to Minnesota, their plans to start a family inspired Aaron on the business front, too. They saw firsthand how tough it was for new moms to find a comfortable, functional recliner at a fair price, so Nurture& was born in 2020, focusing on the baby and kids’ market. Finally, in 2021, Aaron founded his third company, Northern Furniture Manufacturing, in the very town his wife’s family hails from in Wisconsin. The factory is in the industrial park that her grandfather helped develop in the 1950’s.  “We wanted to have more control of our supply chain and were excited about creating jobs in the local community,” Aaron explains. Today, Fresh Industries has expanded to work directly with consumers for an easy, affordable experience, with the benefit of manufacturing furniture in the U.S. Nurture& is now run under the management of Aaron’s partners, while Fresh still retains a percentage of the company.


While juggling multiple thriving enterprises might seem a daunting task, Aaron does so seamlessly as they continue their upward trajectory.  Aaron credits the great team he has built around him for the success. The companies grew 45% last year and this year, they’ve already seen a 360% increase from that. They stayed afloat through the COVID-19 pandemic, and Aaron is proud to have kept on all of his employees through that time. For Aaron, it’s all about the people, his customers, vendors, business partners, and employees. “Our employees are our best investment,” Aaron says. Their 99% staff retention rate is proof of that. With everyone taken care of so well, Aaron can focus on what he appreciates most: the creative aspect of developing new business plans to keep up with the evolving market.


When not leading Fresh Industries, Aaron and his family enjoy traveling and sports, and he coaches his son’s hockey team. He also donates to Malawi-based Jacaranda Foundation, providing schooling for orphans; and Minneapolis-based Camp Odayn, providing camp programs for children with heart conditions.


Aaron Sakaria

CEO & Founder —  Fresh Industries

Website: www.freshind.com   /   www.nurtureand.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaron-sakaria-14b16435/