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Aaron Shechet 


Known as an attorney with a sense of humor, Aaron Shechet has always taken a nontraditional approach to law. In fact, he considers his down to earth personality one of his greatest advantages within an industry filled with big egos. As partners at Chandler & Shechet, LLP, Aaron and his wife, Leigh Chandler, take pride in their straightforward attitudes and in advocating for their clients.


Aaron and Leigh began dating after they met in law school. Neither wanted to be a traditional lawyer, so they decided to start their own nontraditional practice. Founded in 2008, their firm offered business consulting services in addition to traditional work such as transactional and complex business litigation. With a master’s degree in Dispute Resolution, Leigh also mediates disputes that need to avoid the courthouse: partnership disputes or family-owned businesses.


Continuing his nontraditional streak, Aaron has carved out a niche in the areas of legal ethics and professional liability.  He is the presiding arbitrator of the Mandatory Fee Arbitration program for the Santa Monica Bar Association and has been retained as an expert witness on the topic of legal fees.


Aaron has a YouTube channel providing practical advice to lawyers and endeavoring to cover all of California’s Rules of Professional Conduct.



Aaron Shechet, Esq.


Chandler & Shechet, LLP

Los Angeles, California

website: http://solutionsllp.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/aaron.shechet

YouTube channel: Aaron Shechet

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ashechet/  

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