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Aaron M. Silva

A highly respected leader, Aaron Silva is an entrepreneur and community bank technology industry veteran since the early 1990s and has over a dozen years of experience in Core IT contract negotiations. He is most often recognized as an advocate for community financial institutions and was inspired to start both of his own companies, Paladin fs and The Golden Contract Coalition when he discovered that community banks and credit unions across the United States were being taken advantage of because bankers had no market data and no idea how to negotiate with the vendors with which they had multimillion-dollar contracts. Aaron’s mission is to provide bankers with access to a resource of market intelligence and pricing data to drive greater cost efficiency and improve contract value and balance with Core and informational technology relationships.

In 2007, Aaron founded his second company, Paladin fs, LLC to help banks negotiate against vendors for better contracts. He explains, “At community banks, the software that is used for ALL transactions is referred to Core systems, and these little banks don’t own the software; they lease it. There are three vendors that control 93% of market, and the contracts are unfair and one-sided.” In order to effectively assist the banks, Aaron and his team had to build a giant database of pricing data and market intelligence, so they created the Paladin Blue Book™, which took over two years to create. In 2009, after the market crash, every bank was looking to lower their prices and get better deals so they went to Paladin. The company has done nothing but exclusively negotiate these contracts ever since.

In 2016, Silva retained Pillsbury LLP, the leading IT contract negotiation law firm in the world, to start the Golden Contract Coalition (GCC).  GCC is a membership organization bringing together many banks and credit unions manufacturing the economic leverage needed to address Core vendor contract disparities from a position of group strength.  As a result, GCC became an immediate market disruptor.  By dictating the master commercial terms and legal conditions by which all Core providers must abide, the GCC returns power and money to community institutions. In fact, at the end of 2019 GCC reported their goal of aggregating more than $1 billion in combined contract value amongst its members, making it the largest banking association focused exclusively on developing a fair “golden” contract standard that all Core, IT, and fintech suppliers will ultimately adopt in order to do business in the industry.


Aaron’s invention of the Paladin Blue Book™ has leveled the playing field in contract negotiations, gaining his clients more than $300 million in cost reduction and $150 million in merger value accretion. Due to his immense success, Aaron is a sought-after speaker for national banking and credit union events, and his articles on strategic technology issues facing the banking industry have been widely featured in multiple trade publications.  The results of his companies have been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and all of the national banking publications.



Aaron M. Silva

President & CEO

Paladin fs, LLC

Post Office Box 660675 #17419, Dallas, Texas  75266-0675

blog: http://blog.paladin-fs.com/blog

Website: http://paladin-fs.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/aaronmsilva/


Golden Contract Coalition: www.goldencontract.com

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