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Aaron Trahan


Aaron Trahan, a man of sharp intellect and unwavering determination, has carved a niche for himself in the realm of leadership and executive performance. As the founder of Performance Mindset Coaching, Aaron embodies the essence of a true visionary. With an impressive combination of having a business leadership background and formal coaching training, Aaron is uniquely positioned to help leaders reach new levels of success.


Aaron's narrative unravels through his remarkable journey over the past 15 years, during which he held senior-level executive positions at both ends of the corporate spectrum, from publicly traded, high-growth companies to early-stage startups. He achieved the distinction of becoming a vice president and member of the executive leadership team of a billion-dollar company before the age of 30.

At the age of 23, Aaron found himself thrust into a leadership role, overseeing a large, high-growth business that forced him to develop leadership capabilities much sooner than many other professionals. While his acumen in strategy and operations was unparalleled, he soon realized that certain aspects of his skill set required refinement. Recognizing the need for external guidance to accelerate his growth, Aaron's interest in coaching was piqued, but from the client's perspective.


In early 2022, Aaron took a pivotal step and founded his own coaching company. Prior to this momentous decision, he had already been deeply involved in mentoring and advising individuals. It was during one such mentoring session that a mentee posed a question that would change Aaron's trajectory forever—"Why don't you start you own firm and do this full-time?”  This simple inquiry planted a seed of possibility in his mind, ultimately leading him to focus on helping professionals unlock their untapped potential.


Aaron's mission is to empower individuals who yearn to reach higher levels of achievement, but find themselves at a crossroads. Many possess the desire to develop themselves, but lack the clarity and direction to forge ahead. This is where Aaron steps in, providing the vital how that bridges the gap between good and great. Having experienced his share of detours and missteps along his personal journey, Aaron's been in the same shoes as his clients and has key learnings to offer others to accelerate their path toward becoming the best versions of themselves, thereby able to generate results twice as fast as individuals would achieve on their own.


Central to Aaron's methodology are two distinct avenues for working with clients. The first involves a personalized, one-on-one engagement, typically spanning a 12-week program tailored for high-performance leaders. The second avenue, a Mastermind Group Series, creates a new interactive room for executive leaders to engage with like-minded peers from around the globe to leverage Aaron's leadership methodology, all in an effort to tap into new levels of personal and professional growth. Through this format, Aaron gathers a diverse group of individuals where the collective wisdom and unique backgrounds provide valuable insights to help everyone accelerate growth. These interactive groups serve as incubators for top 10% performers, allowing them to engage, interact, learn, and grow alongside their peers.


Aaron Trahan
Performance Mindset Coaching

Instagram: @aarontrahan

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