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Abhita appears in the
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Abhita Batra

To say Abhita Batra is adept at multitasking would be an understatement. She’s always been perfectly comfortable taking on major challenges simultaneously, like getting her global executive MBA while also raising her two-year old son. Her husband was also working on his own MBA at the time and Abhita already held a master’s degree in biotech from UPenn. Today, she serves as a founder, C-level executive, advisor, and director for not one, but several companies, all focused on healthcare, biotechnology, and medical technology.


Abhita is the founder and chief strategy officer for neuro42, a San Francisco-based medtech company looking towards the future of diagnostics and treatment for neurological conditions with a portable MRI, AI, and robotic platform. Their ultimate goal for the portable MRI is to have it used in NICUs and ORs at the same time a patient is undergoing surgery or an interventional procedure, allowing for better understanding of the brain and to monitor live changes that happen during the intervention. Abhita is also the CEO of Otomagnetics, a Maryland-based company offering non-invasive therapies to treat hearing loss, especially for children undergoing chemotherapy. Their method involves loading drugs onto magnetic nanoparticles and delivering them under magnetic forces. 80% of people who go through chemo experience some hearing loss, so Otomagnetics seeks to help people keep their hearing by preserving the correct cells.


As an advisor for the Global Health Impact Fund, Abhita helps the organization manage their data flow and provide intelligence on which companies to invest in. Her connection also helps her network with investors for neuro42 and Otomagnetics.


Finally, Abhita is proud to carry on her family’s business, Admac Group. Founded by her parents, Admac has more than 150 pharmaceutical products, including antibiotics, oncology, general medicine, and more, in 15 countries. Admac is headquartered in India and Abhita’s goal is to bring this company into the U.S. within the next year.


Growing Admac’s market, as well as her other companies, is Abhita’s way of honoring her parents, both of whom passed away recently, and from whom Abhita inherited her considerable talent and drive. “They created lives together and worked to make each other better,” she says. They took their company international while her mom taught as a pharmacy professor and also raised three children. “She made me believe anything is possible,” Abhita says. “She taught me that I didn’t have to make compromises and could have anything I want, which continues to push me. My parents’ values are embedded in me.”



Abhita Batra

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, neuro42


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