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Adam Goerdt


In the highly competitive arena of data integration and automation, Adam Goerdt, the president and founder of Clockspring LLC, has carved out a niche for his company by simplifying the complexities often associated with these processes, thereby enabling organizations to harness their data effectively.


Based in Fairfax, VA, and founded in 2018, Clockspring is a low-code integration platform designed to streamline data correlation and provide valuable insights into organizations. The platform excels at integrating data from various sources, eliminating the need to switch between applications. Clockspring seamlessly integrates with hundreds of vendors and technologies, allowing clients to transform their data to suit their specific needs. This reduces the time spent on custom integration development and debugging by a significant 60-95%.


Clockspring is at the forefront of the automation revolution, responding to change with unprecedented speed. Their primary focus is making data more accessible for their client organizations. By integrating different tools, they provide comprehensive reports in record time, saving days or even weeks in the process. One of Clockspring's remarkable achievements is in the realm of network security gap analysis. They assist in ensuring that the right devices have the correct protections applied, accomplishing complex tasks in remarkably short timeframes. For instance, their current contract with a large government agency is poised to save around 12,000 man-hours per year, while their contract with a major bank is expected to save $800,000 on their data retention requirements and complete six months earlier than competing proposals. In addition, Clockspring's licensing is designed to be simple and flexible. Their unlimited license empowers clients to build any integration they need without the hassle of returning to procurement for every user or data source addition. Clients have found that they can achieve a 100% return on investment in as little as 30 days with just a single use case.


Clockspring serves a diverse clientele, including medium-sized to Fortune 500 companies in the private sector, various U.S. government agencies, and universities nationwide. What sets Clockspring apart is not only its impressive speed of deployment, but also its user-friendly interface that doesn't require formal programming experience. System administrators can build capabilities without the need for extensive programming knowledge, making it accessible to a broader audience.


Clockspring's platform facilitates higher ROI for clients by saving both time and dollars. They have shown that data calls that typically took weeks can be completed in mere minutes when data is already correlated. This speed and efficiency translate into tangible benefits for their clients.


In a data-driven world where efficiency and speed are paramount, Clockspring LLC is setting new standards in data integration and automation. With its impressive track record and commitment to simplifying complex processes, Clockspring is at the forefront of revolutionizing how organizations handle their data.


Adam Goerdt
Founder and President
Clockspring LLC


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