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Adam Marquis

Adam Marquis is a healthcare senior executive with 20+ years of combined medical, clinical, operational, financial, and education experience with expertise in whole-person, trauma-focused, social determinants of health, value-based patient care. In November 2020, he founded Marquis Consulting & Enterprises, LLC, in Long Beach, Washington, where he is principal and CEO. Marquis Consulting provides organizational development focused on meeting and exceeding industry standards of business intelligence, as it relates to optimizing the client life cycle and revenue cycle management. Adam focuses on unmet community needs and partners, working to provide staff with new credentials for more specialized care, as well as new service options and revenue. This creates better patient experience and engagement, improves appointment retention, leads to better revenues, and advances clinical outcomes. “I have helped companies become industry leaders through client/revenue diversification and technology advancement and by using these drivers, I can modernize and make them best in class, whether in urban, semi-urban, rural or frontier settings,” Adam adds.


One glance at Adam’s résumé, and there is no question as to his skill and expertise. His cache of certifications includes ACHE (American College of Healthcare Executives; on track for fellowship as a FACHE), HS-BCP (Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner), FPCC (PlaneTree International Fellow Person-Centered Care), and a LSSBBP (LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt Professional), as well as an MBA with a double concentration in healthcare management and human resources management. He has executed total turnarounds and startups for two fledging organizations, helping them become thriving community behavioral health centers in Washington State. At Willapa Behavioral Health, he and his team reduced turnover from 67% to 30%, using Studer Group and LEAN practices, Crucial Conversations, and Just Culture, to retain top talent and reduce 33% turnover costs per position. He also facilitated minimum 20% top line revenue growth year-over-year, utilizing McKinsey’s 7S Business Model out of Harvard University and his proven experience in all levels of organizational development.


Adam holds all the medical, clinical, financial, and operational responsibility for the healthcare businesses he manages and helps healthcare companies of all sizes adapt and overcome challenges to thrive organizationally, regardless of the climate and setting. “There’s usually a big gap between clinical, medical, and business languages,” Adam says. “I speak them all fluently and can easily translate between the various partners in healthcare facilities to bridge the gap in their communication and ultimately, find the best win-win solution every time.”


Adam Marquis

Principal & CEO — Marquis Consulting & Enterprises, LLC




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