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Adam Rosen

Adam Rosen, a visionary leader driven by a passion for making a positive impact in the community, is the CEO and founder of Radar Talent Solutions, a Minnesota-based firm that supports school districts and local governments with high volume recruiting. His accolades include winning the 2023 MN Cup for the education division and supporting over 4000 students in his local community with the services they deserve. As a seasoned strategist, Adam has established a track record of success in creating, scaling, and optimizing business programs. His extensive experience includes eight years as a leader at Amazon, including a pivotal role in Amazon’s expansion into the Last Mile Delivery business from 2018 to 2021.

The concept for Radar Talent Solutions came about in 2022, when Adam’s son started kindergarten. The elementary schools moved their start times earlier, increasing the demand for a popular after school care program. Post COVID, this program faced continuous staffing shortages, which left over 700 students on a waitlist. Kindergarteners were coming home at 2:30 with no options for other childcare.

Adam took matters into his own hands, offering to help the school solve its staffing problem. Within three months, the waitlist was eliminated, and his son was enrolled in an after-school care program. From this experience, Adam identified three common challenges faced by schools in hiring and retention: limited visibility of job openings, a cumbersome application process, and lengthy onboarding procedures. Adam set his sights on revolutionizing public sector hiring by syndicating to over 200 job boards, offering a simple, mobile-friendly application process that takes less than a minute to complete, and ensuring candidates receive prompt communication and support throughout the hiring and onboarding process.

As of 2024, just two short years from their inception, Radar Talent Solutions has supported a dozen school districts, including Minneapolis Public Schools (32,000 students), Saint Paul Public Schools, and Edina Public Schools, serving over 175,000 students across the state. They have also facilitated after-school care for over 4,000 students and expanded their services to find bus drivers, nutrition staff, special education professionals, lifeguards, and more.

Adam Rosen’s journey from corporate leadership to social entrepreneurship exemplifies the power of innovation and community impact. Through Radar Talent Solutions, he hopes to get communities to work. With a national expansion on the horizon, Adam’s vision for Radar Talent Solutions promises to reshape the landscape of public sector recruitment and retention, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change.


Adam Rosen
Founder and CEO
Radar Talent Solutions

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