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Adam D. Segal

As president and CEO of Storkcraft, Adam Segal understands exactly what it means to start at the bottom and work his way to the top. Adam first joined Storkcraft in his early twenties, soaking up every opportunity to learn and gain experience across multiple positions in the company. As a result of his broad exposure to multiple areas of the business, Adam not only gained an in-depth understanding of the business, but also cultivated a genuine appreciation and understanding of every job function and employee. Today, Adam leads the diverse, progressive, and passionate team at Storkcraft—the longest-standing name in the North American baby furniture sector—in keeping safety, design, and value top of mind when producing nursery products.


Adam graduated from Ontario’s Western University in 2006, where he earned a combined bachelor’s degree (Hons.) in sociology and statistics, and from the University of British Columbia’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School, where he attained a master’s degree in business in 2009. Adam continues to further his education and leadership skills by completing executive education courses at UBC as well as becoming a member in MacKay CEO Forums.


Assuming the role of president and CEO in 2017, and ushering in a new era for Storkcraft, Adam put in place an almost entirely new team – with diversity and inclusion, female empowerment, and progressive thinking top of mind. In addition to establishing Storkcraft’s first-ever dedicated design and innovation teams, and investing into building best-in-class customer care and operations teams, Adam also put significant focus on developing a fresh and innovative product portfolio, a multi-faceted pricing structure and opening key distribution centers across the US to benefit both customers and the end consumer alike.


Under Adam’s leadership, Storkcraft has been awarded the Women’s Choice Award® for America’s Most Recommended Baby Furniture (2018 & 2019) and the Women’s Choice Award® for 9 out of 10 Customer Recommended Baby & Kids Furniture (2020). Adam has also partnered Storkcraft with multiple charities—including Baby2Baby and Ronald McDonald House—to help bring dream nurseries and children’s rooms to life for deserving families across North America.


With its brand name and recognition growing, and powered by a forward-thinking team, the 75-year old Storkcraft recently announced the newest license in its brand portfolio: Motherly, one of the leading online voices for millennial parents. Storkcraft is excited to bring to life the first-ever nursery collection for this influential, leading online platform for expectant and new parents.


Established in 1945 and based in Vancouver, Canada, Storkcraft has grown into an impressive global corporation. While Storkcraft’s focus remains on growth in North America, the company is aiming to expand into Europe and Asia. Storkcraft’s products are available for purchase through well-known retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Wayfair, and will soon be available to purchase directly on their own website.



Adam D. Segal

President/Chief Executive Officer



Twitter: @StorkCraft

Instagram:  |



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