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Adam Vega

Adam Vega is at an exciting turning point in his career. Less than a month ago, in May 2021, he launched his own firm, a full circle path to returning on his own. His wealth management company, located in Palm Beach, Florida serves clients throughout the U.S. with a larger focus on the Southeast, is called AVANCE Private Wealth Management, and though it’s new, we believe it’s already making a splash. “Avance” means “moving forward” in French and perfectly encapsulates the mindset Adam shows his clients. With his own firm, Adam’s world is now 100% concentrated on what he can do to offer the highest level of service to his clients, reminding clients that he works for them, not the other way around, and that they can always expect dedication and priority, as well as flexibility that allows for all kinds of circumstances. “We’ve always led a very tax-focused practice,” Adam says. “The company is geared toward protecting what the client makes and keeping more of that.” Today, AVANCE offers clients tax planning and management services, as well as asset protection, a combination which allows people to both protect their wealth and keep more of the money they’ve earned.

Adam brings with him some serious expertise leading all the way back to his college days at FIU, where he studied business and finance. But he also enjoyed educating others and explaining complex problems so that they could be easily understood by anyone. This combination led him first to computer programming and finally to financial services, where he hopes to revolutionize the industry through both service and education, through simplification. Immediately prior to launching AVANCE, Adam was VP at Goldman Sachs, which had acquired the firm he was employed with before that. However, while working with companies, Adam found himself longing to be able to do more with less restrictions, something not always possible when affiliated with such large organizations. Though the positions taught him a lot, he finally felt it was necessary to start his own firm. “Now, I work for the client and no one else,” he says.

Adam knows that the “client-centric approach” is not a unique idea when it comes to wealth management and financial advisory services, and he knows that distinguishing himself means truly providing the service he promises. And clients can feel it, with no time restraints, no limits, and no barriers when it comes to the issues that they can talk about with him or problems they can come to him with. But he’s also not shy when it comes to being honest with clients, providing them with true, unbiased feedback on complex topics. When engaging with clients, Adam takes a multi-step approach beginning with ensuring a good fit, assessing the present situation, establishing goals, creating and implementing a strategy, and, finally, monitoring, reassessing, and adjusting the strategy wherever needed seeking the most beneficial results possible.

When it comes to the growth of his company, Adam is constantly looking toward the future, and striving to improve each and every day, looking always at how to be and do better. Most important to him is facing the things he fears in order to overcome them and thus be able to navigate them for clients in the future. Outside of the office, Adam is deeply involved with the National MS Society, the Special Olympics, and provides financial education courses to college students at several universities.

Adam Vega
President & Partner — AVANCE Private Wealth Management
FB: @avanceprivate
Instagram: @avanceprivate

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