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Adele appears in the Top 100

Australian Professionals Magazine

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Adele Crane

Adele Crane is an internationally renowned career consultant with over 30 years of expertise who has appeared on CNBC, NBC, and other broadcast media to provide insights to business owners to help them achieve growth. She is a sought-after public speaker who has shared the stage with some of the most influential business leaders across the globe and is the author of three successful books. As chief executive officer of Sales Focus Advisory, Adele brings her skills, knowledge, and experience in assisting over 200 companies with improving their profitability and revenue. Additionally, working with over 11,000 salespeople, CEOs, and business owners, her skills in turnaround and growth consultancy have been honed over many years—with her clients as the beneficiaries of her acumen.

With the emphasis on assisting CEOs and managing directors, and small business owners, those who have majority ownership of the company, with turnovers of $80 million and beyond. Servicing a myriad of different businesses, from importers and exporters to industrial and wholesale to professional service industries, Adele analyzes businesses and mentors’ senior executives in delivering change to improve company and team performance.

Renowned for her diagnostic skills, cultural change, and management capability, business owners have confidence in her abilities to improve their businesses. Using sound principles and disciplines, she has developed a robust methodology that she’s perfected over many years. Adele has delivered the most 90- to 120-day sales turnarounds by any known consultant. The development of proprietary tools to support major change projects combined with analysis and business understanding supports her capability of overcoming the most difficult challenges to remove barriers to growth and improved profitability.

Adele studied in accounting and, with strong entrepreneurial traits, opened her first business at just 23 years old in the home renovation market for kitchens. At 30, while searching for a business to purchase, her ability to diagnose business problems and establish immediate improvements came to the forefront, assisting reluctant sellers in moving forward and achieving profitability again. That experience became the humble beginnings of Sales Focus International.

As founder and managing director, Adele grew the company to operate successfully across several continents, with offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; Chicago, Illinois, in the U.S.; and remote offices in Calgary and London. With a broad industry audience of clients, those skills continued to develop. Clients benefited from her laser-like ability to see the real causes of business problems and to implement the required actions with a sense of immediacy to realize results.

As she manages her thriving business, Adele continues to share her valuable insight through interviews on well-known business programs, podcasts, and other media, and engage audiences at CEO-style events. Through her three successful books, she shares her experience and knowledge with business leaders worldwide:

  • Get Sales Focused: Rethinking and Revolutionizing Sales Forces and Sales Results

  • Building the Most Effective Sales Force in the World

  • The Sales Focused CEO:  Looking at Business Through a New Lens


In line with her desire to return to Australia, after 25 successful years, the company Sales Focus International was divested in 2016, and the focus returned to Australia.

Today, Sales Focus Advisory operates as a business growth consulting firm servicing three areas of sales improvement, digital marketing, and sales recruitment. Adele is a mentor to her team members, and business owners and their teams, assisting them in facing the challenges of business today. She is an accredited company director for board positions, a business blogger, and passionate about new technologies.


Adele Crane


Sales Focus Advisory


Melbourne, Victoria


Download the magazine and see Adele's feature on page 30.

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