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Aditya Rathod


In the realm of business and innovation, a select few individuals rise above the rest, forging new paths and inspiring those around them. Today, we have the privilege to celebrate one such exceptional leader who has made significant contributions across multiple industries. Please join us in applauding the incredible achievements of Aditya Rathod.


Aditya is a force to be reckoned with, serving dual roles in two different groundbreaking companies. As the co-founder and CEO of Vanij Global, a U.S.-based licensing merchandise company, Aditya has spearheaded the growth of the brand, particularly its flagship, TheTshirtCompany. Vanij Global embraces emerging e-commerce technologies, allowing them to deliver exceptional merchandise featuring striking designs to the public. Under his visionary leadership, Vanij Global has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the licensing industry.


In addition to Vanij Global, Aditya is the CFO at Flash Forest, a Canada-based hi-tech drone reforestation company. Guided by a deep commitment to environmental sustainability, Flash Forest is on a mission to restore post-wildfire areas by planting a billion trees. Aditya's expertise in finance and operations is instrumental in driving the company's growth and impact, positioning it as a pioneer in climate tech.


Aditya represents a new generation of leaders who recognize that the well-being and growth of employees is important to sustained financial success of an organization. Throughout his career, Aditya has demonstrated exemplary leadership principles that have set him apart. He encourages healthy competition while nurturing a culture of respect and collaboration. He believes in recognizing and rewarding individuals who strive not only to better themselves but also to elevate others. This commitment to collective growth fosters a collaborative and supportive environment within his teams.


As a turnaround expert, Aditya thrives on welcoming chaos, understanding that great achievements can arise from the unknown. Aditya's ability to navigate through ambiguity and inspire others to tackle challenges head-on has been instrumental in driving organizational success. He understands that occasional failure is a precursor to growth and encourages his team to embrace it as an opportunity for learning and personal development. Aditya's empathy and humor create a supportive environment where shortcomings are accepted so long as the best effort is being realized.


Aditya lives his life through the simple words of Maya Angelou: “Nothing will work unless you do.” He firmly believes that success is not bestowed upon individuals by chance; rather, it's the result of their relentless dedication and hard work. He understands that meaningful accomplishments stem from putting in the effort, sweat, and time required to turn dreams into reality.


Aditya attributes his success and achievements to his family. As a devoted husband and father, Aditya's drive to make them proud fuels his desire to make a meaningful impact. He holds his mother in high regard, acknowledging her for instilling in him the values of hard work and perseverance. Aditya's wife is his unwavering supporter, and he recognizes her belief in his capabilities as a key factor to his success. Her steadfast presence provides Aditya with the strength and confidence to pursue his professional endeavors fearlessly.  


As Aditya continues to shape the licensing merchandise industry and lead the charge in reforestation efforts, his remarkable journey serves as an inspiration to future generations of leaders worldwide. With his unwavering commitment to excellence, his ability to blend innovation with strategic thinking, and his deep-rooted values, Aditya exemplifies the spirit of a visionary leader, poised to create a lasting impact on the world.


Aditya Rathod

CEO & Co-Founder: Vanij Global Inc.
Chief Financial Officer: Flash Forest

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