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Adolfo Heller Cohen


Gelatys is reshaping the frozen dessert industry by bringing a new sensorial experience and is putting a whole new spin on the traditional Italian gelato staple with the goal to reach $100MM in the next five years. The gelato brand is an awe-inspiring, unique shaped, artisanal gelato that will awaken your senses. Guaranteed!


Gelatys was founded by Adolfo Heller Cohen, a native Chilean with 20 years of entrepreneurial experience under his belt, who moved to the United States in 2017. He established a manufacturing plant in Miami that combined food with tech, using advanced machinery to create the unique, artisanal process for which Gelatys is known. After just one year, Adolfo and his team had crafted a unique recipe for success, with the right creamy consistency and delayed-melting for a true experience like no other in gelato and sweet treats. The brand opened its doors with only a single kiosk at a mall in Miami in 2017.


In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Gelatys boldly transitioned and entered the grocery retail arena, and is currently present in over 4,000 grocery stores including Whole Foods, Target, Publix, Albertsons, and Walmart, to name a few—complete with their own specialty freezers— in 25 states. “We’re constantly innovating, and introducing new products to wow our consumers,” Adolfo explains. “We want to bring joy and an unbeatable palate experience with Gelatys, one frozen sweet treat at a time.”


Adolfo, a true entrepreneur, founded a triad of companies while he was in college in his native Chile. He also created one of the first e-commerce sites in Latin America at just 20 years old, before getting into industrial civil engineering and working as an executive at major corporations. The bold and trailblazing business adventurer started with a vision of becoming an unparalleled innovator who shakes up the premium ice cream industry. “I’ve always been in retail, and I loved gelato,” Adolfo shares.


Available in assorted shapes and a variety of mouth-watering flavors such as Chocolate Volcano, Coconut Breeze, and Greek Yogurt with Blueberry Sauce, with decadent fillings, and offerings that include traditional, vegan, and light options, these sublimely sweet frozen treats are the first of their kind in the United States.


Adolfo Heller Cohen
Owner & CEO — Gelatys





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