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Akshay appears in the Top 100 

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Akshay Sanghavi


A competitive and entrepreneurial spirit paired with an insatiable thirst for knowledge has propelled Akshay Sanghavi through a wide variety of successes and accomplishments. His perpetual quest for answers to difficult questions gave him a natural acuity for excelling at deductive and investigational research, which he utilizes to its fullest extent as the co-founder and CEO of Yuvan Research, Inc, a leading early-stage biotechnology company specializing in longevity science. “I like to go after impossible targets, especially those with potential for beneficial impact on humankind,” he says.

Prior to founding Yuvan, Akshay’s knack for research caught the attention of one of the world’s largest private equity firms, who commissioned him to investigate and recommend investment targets. He’s built investment funds and tech companies, and invented HVAC technology that uses 75% less electricity than traditional equipment. He has patents filed for mobile solar technology and for enrichment of non-coding RNAs. Twelve years ago, Akshay was driven to decipher the origin of cellular aging after losing his mother, who spent her final years partially paralyzed due to a stroke. “It pushed me to search for the cause for such suffering and to what extent it can be avoided,” he shares. Since then, he’s published three research papers on the subject, and coauthored a fourth, with two more expected soon—and his papers have been cited 116 times.

Now, through Yuvan, he’s developed a patent-pending therapeutic called E5, that was shown to reverse biological age and associated chronic diseases in preclinical trials. Using the Horvath bio clock along with Glycan age as third-party verification methods, the test subjects experienced a 50% reversal in 20 biomarkers, including those reflecting the lungs, liver, and heart. They also saw a 300% increase in muscle strength. Because these results were achieved at 100% safety across the board, Yuvan is looking to take the next step and introduce the E5 to the veterinary world before moving on to human clinical trials in the coming year. “This could change the world for the better,” Akshay says. “If we can achieve similar results for pets and humans, this could help millions of people by preventing age-related disease and giving them more years of healthy living.” 


Akshay Sanghavi

Co-Founder & CEO — Yuvan Research, Inc.


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