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Alan Hoffman

Why is ‘Continuing Education’ necessary? “Continuing Education” is the mark of every professional industry. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, orthodontists, and even auto mechanics have ‘Continuing Education’ requirements to renew their license or certification each year. ‘Continuing Education’ is the reason why an orthodontist who graduated 30 years ago, and one that graduated last year, both use the same procedures and technologies to straighten the teeth of today’s teenagers. provides continuing education to the financial services industry, where they work to continually educate advisors who help their clients with insurance, investment, and financial planning issues.


Alan Hoffman, president of, spent 14 years as an advisor in the financial services industry himself. For 14 years, Alan was the advisor sitting in the room watching companies talk about their insurance plans and investment portfolios and earning his ‘CE Credits.’ For 14 years, Alan felt like there was so much more to learn about his business, beyond just the product he sold, but it was never presented.


In 2012, Alan Hoffman got the chance to re-imagine the continuing education business for his industry when he founded  What makes different?  Every CE provider in the industry provides credits, however, the ‘CE’ in is capitalized, because Alan has built a platform that continually provides up to date and relevant education that helps advisors operate and grow their entire business, and not just tell them about the products they sell.


Alan graduated with honors from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Ontario in 1993. He spent 14 years as a financial advisor, working with clients in the industry, four years as an office leader, managing advisors, and two years working as a business development manager. Now, Alan utilizes his diverse background and vast knowledge to provide advisors the information they need to grow and evolve their practice. has evolved significantly since 2012. They hosted advisors at three live CE events in Toronto in 2012. Today, they host thousands of advisors each year across Canada through their three platforms. They host live CE events across Ontario and advisors can watch their live webcasts from anywhere across Canada. They also provide the ultimate in flexibility and control through On-Demand, where advisors choose from over 160 recorded presentation videos. While it seems that was ready for the current COVID-19 environment, more was still needed.


COVID-19 changed everything about how business operates, and Alan knew that a recorded presentation video was not enough, as his focus is to provide the NEW information that advisors need right now. was able to pivot their entire event schedule to live webcasts with brand-new presentation videos to provide advisors with the new information they need to know, so they can still provide for their clients when they are needed the most.  While their competitors have just stopped operating until they can meet in a room again, continues to provide the education needed to keep advisors up to date, while earning a ‘CE Credit’ as a bonus.



Alan Hoffman

Founder and President

PO Box 34068

Hollandview Post Office

Aurora, Ontario L4G 0G3 Canada




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