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Alan Rabb is a prominent finance professional with more than three decades of experience in the CPG industry; twenty-nine of which have been with The Coca Cola Company. Since accepting his first position with the legendary Fortune 100 beverage company in 1989, Alan has transitioned through several roles of increasing responsibility, including senior vice-president – finance for the sparkling and strategic marketing areas, the CFO for the US operations business, which included management of a business affairs team, forecast center of excellence, procurement and productivity areas, the national retail sales finance and franchise leadership finance functions as well as finance leadership for the North America marketing brands and associated P&L’s. 

His long and enviable career culminates with his present appointment, which involves co-leading the implementation of global marketing investment tool and system. This is a transformational project for Coca Cola Company and will equip marketers and finance associates with a full spectrum view of investments for marketing in the business well into the future.

Alan’s success in the finance sector can be attributed to the combination of his experience and broad academic foundation. He holds a BBA in accounting from Emory University and an MBA in both finance and international business from Mercer University. Initially, Alan had considered pursuing a career in law or criminal justice but eventually moved towards a career in corporate America.  Alan will culminate this fascinating career with his retirement at the end of 2018.

This well-earned hiatus from corporate life will also allow him some downtime to indulge in his favorite activities, such as photography, swimming, travel, and spending time with his family.  In addition, Alan is in the process of completing a book that he has been working on for some time.  His book will be released in early to mid 2019 and explores how to lead a fulfilled life while balancing all of the pressures that your life can put in front of you. The fundamentals he outlines in this book will be equally relevant to his future, as he considers several options, among them he has formed a new consulting company, ACS Consulting Solutions.

His consulting company, ACS Consulting Solutions, will specialize in consulting in the areas of business and financial process work, agility and efficiency, as well as the previously mentioned forensics field with a focus on both criminal forensics and fraud examination.  He will complete his ACFE certification in early 2019, which will compliment the certification he just completed in criminal forensics from Colorado State in the fall of 2018.

After spending some time with Alan, one thing is certain; he will succeed in whatever he does and leave an impact on all those that he touches. 

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