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Alana Dzurek

For Alana Dzurek, what started nearly 20 years ago as a leap of faith, ultimately transformed into a lifelong mission to rebuild people’s confidence and change their lives. While working as an unfulfilled executive assistant in corporate America, she made the monumental decision to explore electrolysis, a profession she knew nothing about. However, as Alana became more involved in treating difficult cases, she began to develop a large base of transgender clientele whose stories both touched and inspired her. She then realized that the hair removal business was much more than a career choice—it was her calling. Devoted to offering faster, pain-free solutions for permanent hair removal, Alana founded Beverly Hills Hair Free in 2011. The California-based company has since helped millions of people, and the Beverly Hills Hair Free System of permanent hair removal is now internationally recognized as the gold standard. As a leading expert in her field, Alana has contributed to and has been published in Beverly Hills Magazine & Voyage LA. She was also named one of the Top 10 Inspirational Entrepreneurs to Look Out for in 2021 by Disrupt Magazine.


Because unwanted hair is a global problem that crosses gender, cultural, and geographic barriers, Alana receives countless texts and emails from people throughout the world who have heard about her revolutionary system and are eager for her to come to their area. While the company’s main location is on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, she is currently in the process of opening a second location in Dallas, Texas. Also, through licensing and distribution deals, Alana plans to expand nationwide and then internationally within two years of launching the company’s new cutting-edge electrolysis equipment. The Top 100 Magazine recently had the pleasure of speaking with Alana to learn more about her one-of-a-kind approach, groundbreaking technology, and the millions of people she has empowered through permanent hair removal.


What is a typical day like for you as the company’s founder and CEO?


My responsibilities are massive—from seeing patients to hiring to overseeing my staff to managing the daily responsibilities of running a company. I’ve also recently partnered with a team of engineers and marketing experts, and we’re in the process of launching our new Electrology devices as well as a training program that will be available worldwide.


Tell us more about your role as an inventor and the EPX36 that’s currently under development.


I set out to build equipment six years ago because our supplier shut his doors. No one else was making the equipment we currently use, so I put word out that I was looking for an engineer to build our own. After many dead ends, I finally came across some amazing partners and we formed Electrology Tech, LLC., the hardware and product division of my company. People say, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and it really is because I felt like I had the weight of thousands of people on my shoulders—people who needed my help. We began working on a digital electrolysis system called EPX36. It’s currently being tested by our in-house team of engineers, and it should be ready for market in the fall, along with a variety of tools and accessories. I consider the EPX36 my gift to the world because I wanted to help those I couldn’t reach across the globe.


How does your method of Electrology differ from traditional electrolysis?


This is not your grandmother’s electrolysis—there is no laser, and no one is sitting in a chair having one hair pulled out at a time. Our method of Electrology utilizes 16 to 32 probes simultaneously and it’s permanent. We can treat any skin type and hair color, eliminating hair 30 times faster than traditional electrolysis. Our system also effectively eliminates hair stem cells, so there’s never any scarring or damage to the skin. We use galvanic electrolysis, which creates lye inside the follicle to limit the re-growth rate up to 70% less than thermolysis. The advantage of our system is that patients can tolerate longer treatments with less frequent visits. In contrast, traditional electrolysis uses only one probe at a time, and most electrologists use thermolysis (heat similar to a laser), which results in tremendous re-growth.


Hair removal goes far beyond the desire for aesthetic beauty, and you’ve witnessed how it has changed people’s lives. Can you share a few memorable experiences with some of the clients you’ve helped?

The first that comes to mind was a transitioning client who had battled bone cancer since childhood. She was super-thin, needed oxygen, and wore a wig. I told her that I was happy to perform the hair removal but wanted to work on getting her weight up so we could safely put her under aesthetic for the procedure. However, she wanted to get the procedure done quickly in case she didn’t make it. She said, “Even if I live as a woman for one day, it will have been worth it.” I cried. You just don’t forget a case like that. Another client came to us with hair growth that was relatively small compared to those I usually treat. So, I asked why she wanted to get it removed. She said, “I’m being made fun of all day at my job, in stores, and out in the world. I just can’t tolerate it anymore.” She exemplified how unwanted hair can shatter and undermine a person’s self-confidence, affecting their productivity, social lives, and overall happiness. After we did the procedure, she felt so relieved that she cried. She was set free.

What do you enjoy most about your work? What drives you?


I love helping people and looking for ways to improve myself as well as the industry. My job is easy when I know I’m making a difference in people’s lives. So, the thousands of people across the world who need my help—they’re the ones who underlie my determination, and they’re the ones pushing me every single day.


Alana holds a business and marketing degree and studied an advanced curriculum with her mentor, a pioneer of multi-probe electrolysis. She is also a member of the Summit Surgery Team, a professional network of surgeons, anesthesiologists, and doctors who facilitate treatment for a variety of medical conditions.




Alana Dzurek

CEO and Founder

Beverly Hills Hair Free


Facebook: @BeverlyHillsHairFree
Instagram: @BeverlyHillsHairFree
Twitter: @BHHairFree

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