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Alazar Yinbal
EDLife 2012


With a career spanning over three decades in C-Level positions, Alazar Yinbal, also a retired military colonel, adheres to the famous philosophical saying, “It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”

Alazar is the founder, president, CEO, and director of the Los Angeles, California-based, EDLife 2012, Inc., a first-of-its-kind, U.S. patent-protected financial and insurance platform/product. In a broad scope, Alazar, the inventor of said historic patent, is responsible for all of the company’s strategies, product development, strategic relations,, brand marketing, and the evolution of EDLife 2012.

At the molecular level, Alazar oversees and ensures the company is capitalizing on its potential and achieving maximum exposure and expedited buildup. To that end, Alazar, as the CEO, vitalizes board members, guides departments heads, negotiates and creates strategic alliances, cultivates partnerships, and directs merger and acquisition activities. His finely-tuned focus on each of these critical operations ensures that EDLife 2012 stays ahead and maintains vitality and relevance within its space.  Alazar must also swiftly and adeptly address and resolve any issues related to the positioning of his company to avoid both forecasted or unexpected challenges.

“Monitoring and implementing key indicators that gauge staff performance and organizational milestones are paramount to success” Alazar states. “Knowing your business, it’s global sales potential, its limitations, clear objectives, strengths, and growth potential is essential to long-term survival in a highly volatile and competitive market” he adds.

Alazar’s enviable career is complemented by an impressive academic foundation. He triple-majored in economics, public finance, and Kibbutz management and completed both a Healthcare Financial Management Association Certificate and SEC Public Director’s Certificate.

When he is not engaged with business obligations, Alazar maintains an active role within the community and enjoys his free time in the company of family and friends, plays the accordion, writes poetry, and engages in creative challenging thinking.  |  5536 Lindley Avenue, Suite 211, Encino, CA 91316
Email:  |  Phone: 818.299.0166

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