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Alec Bernstein


Alec Bernstein, a partner at Mission Staffing Inc., has sculpted a remarkable career path that began in the world of accounting and later catapulted him into a prominent role in the recruitment arena. His journey began with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Delaware, leading to a successful career at PwC, where he transitioned from tax to audit, gaining profound insight into the financial services sector. His immersive experience allowed him to not only master financial acumen, but also connect deeply with candidates and clients. Moving into recruitment, Alec joined a small firm, rising over seven years to become a leader in the industry. His defining moment came when he brought his talents to Mission Staffing Inc., aiming to propel the company to new heights.

Alec prides himself on cultivating an electrifying company culture at Mission Staffing Inc., one that fuels enthusiasm, fun, prosperity, and loyalty.


Mission Staffing Inc. is the epitome of an executive search firm, catering to the intricate staffing needs of its clientele, both in permanent and temporary roles across diverse functions. Founded in 2003, the firm has been steadfast in delivering unparalleled support to clients in the financial services industry.

Before the pivotal year of 2023, the company's primary focus was confined to accounting and finance recruitment within alternative asset management, serving an elite clientele comprising private equity funds, hedge funds, banks, family offices, and investment managers. However, Alec, along with his Partners and innovative team, set forth on a journey of transformation that year, undergoing a rapid metamorphosis by implementing best practices, refining procedures, and recalibrating processes to facilitate exponential growth. Mission Staffing Inc.  has recently experienced significant growth and now has a talented and specialized team north of 40 executive search specialists. The firm strengthened its presence in alternatives, by building new verticals, including front office, investor relations, and trade operations, and seamlessly becoming a one stop shop for its niche clientele.

Looking forward, Mission Staffing Inc. has major ambitions, as it seeks to diversify its portfolio even further, driven solely by the dynamic needs of its clients. With its continued growth, the firm remains  committed to its core mission - serving clients in the financial services industry by providing a tailored level of service and access to a niche candidate pool.

Alec Bernstein
Mission Staffing, Inc.

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