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Alex Bilotta


Alex Bilotta has made it his mission to be part of the solution to poverty and hunger in Canada. As founder and CEO of The Food Bank York Region (FBYR), his commitment to fighting food insecurity is highly visible.  FBYR is a food distribution hub, collecting and distributing non-perishable, fresh, and frozen foods to nearly 90 agencies, from social services to schools, community housing, homeless and women’s shelters, and food pantries throughout York Region. They are the connecting link between surplus healthy food and the non-profit organizations that deliver it to members of the community struggling with food insecurity.

Alex’s passion for finding a solution to poverty and hunger began during a trip to Guatemala, where he witnessed third-world poverty for the first time. He was profoundly affected, and what began as volunteer work became his first charitable organization, LifeCorps International, founded in 2004 as an international relief and development agency.  Eager to also make a difference in the lives of people closer to home, he opened the doors of FBYR in 2011, and continues today to expand their facilities and reach.  Through their network of partners, Alex estimates that FBYR touches over 24,000 lives each year and hopes to double that in the next 10 years, aiming to grow their capacity until there is no hunger left in York Region. He shares, “We live in such a blessed country in Canada, so I wanted to help people come out of poverty here by doing whatever I could.”


Alex Bilotta

Founder & CEO — The Food Bank York Region





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