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Alex Bogumil

Alex Bogumil is a real estate expert with an entrepreneurial spirit who built an eight-figure business in three years—developing Capital Fundings, LLC, into one of the most sought-after, reputable firms in the Orlando area, specializing in buy, fix, and sell real estate loans—“fix-and-flip.” As the firm’s owner and principal loan originator, he leverages more than 15 years of experience and market expertise to make real estate investors profitable. Alex’s ability to build trust with his clients has garnered him the most five-star reviews of any lender in Central Florida and recognition as a Top 25 Realtor. “We want to help people with money and decisions, and really be a partner outside of just offering them money, which is a unique experience for our clients because the focus of most lenders is solely on the money. People view us as an extension of their team,” he explains.

Having bought and sold over 500 investment properties totaling over $90 million, he has a keen eye for identifying profitable projects. He is considered a thought leader in the real estate lending space, funding hundreds of investments to aid in Orlando’s growth, and his insights have been featured in Top 100 People in Finance magazine. For Alex, at the root of it all are trust, integrity, and determination born from fatherhood. “I really credit my high level of integrity and grit from being a single father to my two children. I work diligently for their future, and for my clients, I work diligently to help them succeed in their lives,” he shares.

Alex founded Capital Fundings in his hometown of Orlando, Florida, in 2017, after a successful career in both finance and real estate with roles at Deutche Bank, WFS Financial, and HomePro Realty. For 12 years, he built his skills in financial and capital markets and gained experience with investors. As senior treasury analyst with WFS doing $6 billion in debt securitizations a year, he gleaned capital market insight, which equipped him with unique, valuable insight into understanding the capital markets.

His path to starting the company grew from his own personal experience as a real estate investor, which began in 2008, at the low point of the “fix-and-flip” market. He and a friend worked together with investment properties—finding, buying, and renovating single-family properties. Together, with over 20 years of experience and a tremendous volume of projects, they got to know many people in the market, and, having treasury experience, he began to lend the money himself. Then he noticed a gap in the real estate investment and lending industry.

“We were offering the financing alongside our real estate company and had tremendous growth every year. It was like an extension of the investment properties we were doing ourselves and selling to other investors,” he explains. “I saw it was an opportunity. To be blunt, the service of the other companies was terrible, the pricing was even worse, and I knew I could be better.” Alex is doing just that with Capital Fundings. With trust and partnership at its core, the firm serves clients across Florida, with its growing number of repeat borrowers and rising number of glowing reviews as testament to his promise to “be better.”


Alex Bogumil

Owner and Principal Loan Originator — Capital Fundings, LLC  |  NMLS#1200373

1520 E. Livingston Street

Orlando, FL 32803LinkedIn:


Instagram: alex_bogumil | capfundings


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