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Alex Del Haro

Beginning his career as a branch manager at First Magnus Financial in 1987, Alex Del Haro now boasts over thirty years of experience in the mortgage industry. After holding pivotal leadership positions for organizations such as SunTrust Mortgage, Pacific Union Financial, and Caliber Home Loans, Alex is now the divisional vice president of Paramount Residential Mortgage Group Inc. in Santa Ana, California. 

PRMG is a privately held mortgage banker and residential home lender that was founded by successful retail officers, Paul Rozo and Robert Holliday, when they decided to strike out on their own in the business. The company opened on September 4, 2001 with only three employees, but today, they employ almost 2,000 people, run almost 180 branches, and lend in forty-eight states in all channels: wholesale, retail, and correspondent. 

When asked what separates PRMG from other financial institutions, Alex says that it is the culture of the organization. Their corporate slogan is “Built by originators, for originators,” which he says sets the tone for the culture of the group. Because the founders are originators themselves, they understand that at the end of every transaction, there is a client depending on them. This understanding disseminates throughout the entire organization and within every position. It is this team spirit and industry-leading customer service that continues to grow the company.

Alex joined PRMG in April 2018, and his fulfillment center was named the #1 Place to Work in Orange County by the Orange County Register that same year. He was both surprised and excited because this honor included all industries, not just the mortgage companies. As divisional vice president, it is Alex’s responsibility to oversee all operations. This includes all sales for the Santa Ana Fulfillment Center and all production and fulfillment for the inside and outside sales teams. 

Due to his extensive experience, he also conducts a lot of training and a lot of team building. He is always recruiting and has a reach for all positions across the country. Alex has enjoyed training employees throughout his career and says, “the more the better” when it comes to teaching people about the industry. He likes to think of training others as “paying it forward” for all of the opportunities he has received throughout his career.

As another way of “paying it forward,” Alex is working on a project for local youth. He wants to collaborate with high schools in his area to teach seniors about finances including mortgages, credit, loans, etc. 

Alex wants young people who saw their parents lose everything during the Subprime Mortgage Crisis to understand what happened and to teach them about all the different mortgage options. Therefore, he has maintained multiple leadership positions, such as legislative chairman, within the California Association of Mortgage Professionals, also known as CAMP. He has been involved with the organization for over fifteen years. Currently, he serves as president of the Orange County chapter. 

Alex Del Haro, Divisional Vice President
Paramount Residential Mortgage Group
1851 E. 1st St., Suite 150, Santa Ana, CA  92705

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