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Alexander Channing


Alexander Channing, executive director at CIBC Capital Markets, has crafted an enviable career in the realm of quant finance. With a career that spans over 18 years on both the buy-side and sell-side, his love of learning has kept him on the forefront of quant strategies and its evolution into the machine learning space.


Alexander’s journey into quant finance was an unexpected shift from his intended career in academia. After winning a mathematics prize during his undergraduate degree and gaining some recognition, his professors encouraged him to pursue a PhD in the field. However, during his master's degree at the London School of Economics – a university with strong ties to the world of investment banking – he interned at Barclays Capital on the Equity Exotic Derivatives desk. This left an indelible mark on his path forward as he uncovered a new enjoyment for client engagement.


In his previous role at Goldman Sachs, Alexander was a rising star for his work on CTA Fund Flows and was commonly known as the “CTA Guru”, hosting events with hundreds of clients in attendance. He was also known amongst institutional clients for his best-in-class models on futures implied funding and was in high demand for his views on roll-timing. The key to his success - the unusual integration of mathematical modelling and his clear style of communication—a hybrid skillset not commonly found, and which ultimately became his hallmark.


In the world of quantitative finance, Alexander is widely recognized by his peers for his extraordinary ability to seamlessly meld his mathematical acumen with his exceptional style of communication. This unique blend of expertise enables him to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of the solutions he and his team develop, enhancing their comfort and confidence in the products offered by CIBC. As he shares, “In a space that is littered with lingo, I believe the differentiating factor between being a quant strategist and operating in other capacities in quant finance lies in one’s ability to effectively reconcile the math with clear and concise language.”


Today, at CIBC, Alexander’s role is centered on cross-asset systematic trading strategies, with a particular focus on equity vol and tail-risk hedging. Since recently joining, Alexander has described CIBC as “a wonderful place to work, a culture where ideas are openly exchanged, and solutions bubble to the top. It’s a rarity to find a place that balances so well the demands of everyday business with the time to think and innovate for clients.” He continues to explain that the recent market crash is still fresh in people’s minds and CIBC is dedicating time and resources to tail-risk hedging as investors are keen to see more work done in this space.


Alexander Channing
Executive Director
CIBC Capital Markets


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