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Alexander “Aly” Kayne

Alexander Manuel Kayne has been practicing law since he graduated from Yale in 1997, starting his career as a law clerk for the Honorable Raymond J. Dearie in the Eastern District of New York. At the beginning, Alexander, who goes by Aly, never thought he’d also end up a health care executive. But that’s what he’s been for the past 11 years. Today, he’s the chief legal officer of CarepathRx, a leader in health system pharmacy solutions. He joined CarepathRx in 2021, providing expert guidance on everything from acquisitions to regulatory matters to litigation, and is also on the management team that’s helping the business grow. Aly’s success comes from his highly informed and practical approach to any issue, assessing what it is, what’s needed, and how to go about solving the problem. His effective strategies and tactical planning have earned him numerous awards, including the New York Stock Exchange’s General Counsel to Watch award. He has also served on the Yale Law School Executive Committee and on the board of the Water Authority of Western Nassau County.


Aly draws on years of legal expertise with a health care focus that he honed at prestigious firms and companies. He was an associate and then partner at Dewey Ballantine in New York, where his diverse docket included health care law and securities matters. This put him in touch with Omnicare in Cincinnati, a nationwide publicly traded Fortune 500 company dedicated to providing services to long-term care facilities, who invited him to become the company’s senior vice president and general counsel and help it develop a corporate legal team from the ground up. At first, Aly was apprehensive about relocating his family, but today, it’s the city he’s come to love and think of as home. He took the legal helm at Omnicare and immediately set to work recruiting lawyers, including some he knew from New York. Ultimately, Aly helped shepherd the company through its merger with CVS. “It was challenging and exciting, merging a large public company with one of the largest public companies in the healthcare industry,” he remembers. From there, he moved on to Genoa Healthcare, which specializes in providing pharmacy solutions to outpatient clinics servicing patients with severe mental illnesses, to become its executive vice president and general counsel, where he had his first experience with a health care company that was owned by private equity. After Genoa was acquired by OptumRx, he brought his skills and experience to CarepathRx. “All the companies I’ve been with have been very patient-centric, which is great. Each one has been working towards keeping people out of emergency rooms and hospitals,” Aly says.


Besides helping all these companies grow, Aly is most proud of helping his business and clinical colleagues accomplish their mission -- helping patients achieve better outcomes. This is precisely the real draw for Aly. He appreciates that he gets to assist his colleagues not only by providing them legal counsel but also strategic and business advice. “I’m very fortunate,” he says, “I get to work with people who are doing something innovative and exciting, while saving lives and creating value.  Who could ask for more?”


Alexander M. Kayne

Chief Legal Officer — CarepathRx


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Instagram: @AlyKayne

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