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Alexander Visbal 


Experienced in Asia, Europe, the United States, and Shanghai, and named as one of the best corporate attorneys in Colombia by Legal 500, Alexander Visbal offers a unique business approach from many others in his industry. As senior partner at Bretton Woods Legal & Investments, his principal objective is to bring his clients both consulting services and profits. Not only has he has been practicing law for over 14 years, but Alexander is also a former chief ethics and compliance officer as well as a developer of foreign operations both inside and outside of Colombia. In addition, he is a specialist in commercial and international business law and is highly experienced in international transactions, finance forecasts, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, compliance, audits, and crowdfunding development. As a result of his diverse skill set, Alexander’s clients at Bretton Woods have been delighted with the outcome of their investments.


With two offices located in Barranquilla, Colombia and Chicago, Illinois, Bretton Woods provides specialized international counseling in corporate and financial matters with the goal of increasing a company’s competitive advantages and preventing risks in their business operations. Although they are a boutique firm consisting personal service, the team has a reputation for providing excellent service and for always focusing on the results of profits. Senior partners attend to all clients, and the firm complies with both international and Colombian laws. This year, the firm’s goal is to further expand into infrastructure, development of largest river dredging, water treatment and hotels. For infrastructure, they plan to utilize the 4G special highways in Colombia to gather funds to present to international funds, and purchase projects.


As a senior partner at Bretton Woods, Alexander represents the international funds that invest in cannabis, renewable energy, and infrastructure. Some matters are also in hotels but only those that are focused in air B&B business model channels. The firm also acquires projects, such as energy, infrastructure and cannabis, from Peru, Chile, Panama, and Puerto Rico. It is Alex’s responsibility to introduce international funds into the project in Colombia and carry out due diligence. Then, the firm sends a letter of intent in order to purchase the project, which can be bought with a stock purchase, asset purchase agreement, or other interesting vehicle.  


Most of Alexander’s projects are in energy, infrastructure, ports, and cannabis. However, it is difficult to obtain renewable energy sources in Colombia that comply with local and international guidelines. In Cannabis matters, however, medical plant is allowed as long as the firm complies with the regulations and purchases the license required by the local Food and Drug Administration.


The principal and international funds for his matters are located in the U.S., Canada, London, Madrid, the Netherlands, and Shanghai.


Prior to joining Bretton Woods, Alexander studied law in Colombia and was voted best in class before graduating cum laude. He then went on to receive his master’s degree in international law in US and served as general counsel for both European and American companies in Colombia. After that, Alexander worked as a professor for international contracts and taught at the two most important universities in Colombia before he finally decided to establish his own practice working with international funds.



Alexander Visbal

Senior Partner

Bretton Woods Legal & Investments

Carerra 53 N 80-198

Torre Atlantica Centro Empresarial, Office 202

Barranquilla, Columbia



Instagram: @alex.visbal


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