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Alexandre Saraiva


Alexandre Saraiva, a prominent figure in the realms of business consultancy, insurance, construction, and immigration services, stands as the founder and chairman of Vida Maxima Corporation. With over three decades of dedicated experience in the commercial, business management, and marketing domains, Alexandre has left an indelible mark on the global business landscape.


Born in Brazil, Alexandre Saraiva embarked on his professional journey after acquiring a law degree from Universidade Estacio de Sá. Armed with a strong academic foundation, he swiftly climbed the corporate ladder, serving as an executive commercial manager in esteemed multinational companies such as Nextel, HSBC Insurance, SulAmercia, ING Insurance, and MetLife. His unwavering commitment and exceptional contributions to these organizations earned him numerous accolades and recognition within the industry. Alexandre


In his pursuit of continuous growth and expertise, Alexandre expanded his knowledge by becoming a licensed paralegal and obtaining certification in business consulting from the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights. Furthermore, he honed his legal acumen by completing a Contract Law Certificate program at Harvard University, solidifying his expertise in the field.


Vida Maxima Corporation is a dynamic holding company encompassing various specialized entities. These include Vida Maxima Accounting, which excels in accounting services and document preparation; Vida Maxima Company, a specialist in remodeling homes and commercial buildings; Vida Maxima Insurance & Co., offering a wide range of insurance solutions including life, health, vehicle, and home insurance; and Vida Maxima Academy, home to the innovative Antares English School. What sets Vida Maxima Corporation apart is not just its diverse portfolio, but also its unwavering commitment to philanthropy through Vida Maxima Human Rights. Alexandre and his team firmly believe in driving positive change by championing human rights and creating opportunities for those in need.


Operating from the heart of Winter Park, Florida, all these companies serve both American and Brazilian businesses. Their comprehensive services include business management, investments consulting, business planning, immigration services covering a multitude of visa types, insurance solutions, and realtor services authorized in several American states. Moreover, Vida Maxima Academy stands as a testament to their commitment to education, offering modern teaching methods that empower students to become proficient in English.


Vida Maxima Corporation is not merely a business conglomerate; it's a beacon of hope and progress. They provide clients with comprehensive consultations to identify opportunities and gaps, followed by detailed project plans with timelines and milestones, cost analysis, and schedules. Alexandre and his team are not only dedicated to business excellence, but also to making a meaningful impact on society through their philanthropic endeavors. In the world of business and advocacy for human rights, Alexandre Saraiva and Vida Maxima Corporation shine as a symbol of dedication, expertise, and a genuine desire to create a better future for all.



Alexandre Saraiva
Founder and Chairman
Vida Maxima Corporation


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