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Ali Firoozi

Ali Firoozi has a passion for absorbing complex ideas and expressing them in the language of his clients and their industry.  As CFO for the PAC Group, he manages the financial activities for this global enterprise which specializes in project management, manufacturing engineering, product design, and construction management.  With his financial acumen, he can express the most critical details by dialing back irrelevant elements and focusing on the core material. Over a 24-year career he has honed his skills in budgeting, business metrics, financial planning and analysis, as well as tax planning. In addition to those areas, he also currently manages his company’s domestic real estate needs and global information technology functions through his department. His unique background of management experience and financial expertise adds real value to his role as CFO for PAC and for their client’s. 

Ali joined PAC in 2014 and although he used to travel 250,000 miles a year through the friendly skies, these days his travels are more limited to their corporate headquarters in Michigan. Fortunately, many of PAC’s top clients are nearby which means his ability to stay close to both his PAC team and key clients still remains. What makes all the effort of travel and time changes worth it you may ask, simple, it’s the colleagues that surround him and his F&A team, “It’s the people that I work with more than anything else,” he says “that makes me want to push for improvement every day”. 

The pandemic has been a challenging time for many companies, but Ali and PAC have turned it into a not-in-the-playbook opportunity for both them and their clients. Through early planning and team collaboration he stated “We navigated a financial path for our company and our partners with rigorous forecasting and planning. We actually emerged stronger, and 2021 is poised to be one of our best years on record.” Ali added this is true not just for The PAC group, but also for a number of their clients, many of which are global leaders in the automotive industry.  

With the company’s global presence now extending to sixteen countries including the newest ones in Canada and Turkey, what are some of the key things he’s focusing on we asked, and his answer was project valuation analysis and distilling critical project elements for clients and colleagues. “It’s vital with this geographically diverse group of colleagues and clients to focus on the core value add components. We focus primarily on automotive OEMs and their suppliers but we also work clients ranging from defense and aerospace to food production and technology and everyone wants to know how can we help make a difference” Ali noted.

Ali received his bachelor's degree from Loyola Marymount University and his MBA from California State University at Northridge. He is now concurrently pursuing his certification to be a Program Management Professional (PMP Certification) and his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and we look forward to checking on him again to see where he pushes the finance profession.


Ali Firoozi

CFO— The PAC Group



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