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Allison Kline

Allison Kline is a creative thinker, strategic leader, marketing guru, and multifaceted entrepreneur who has perfected the art of multitasking. In the business world, she’s a triple threat—leading two thriving ventures of her own and serving as membership director at the luxury lifestyle club, GreatHorse. Allison is an unstoppable force whose fierce ambition and drive have allowed her to thrive in this male-dominated industry. Since joining the club just six years ago, Allison’s been a key player in their explosive membership growth, which has swelled from 150 to 550 families, shooting from a historic annual average of 40 new memberships, annually, to 122 added last year alone—Today, the club is nearly sold out!


So what does it take to accomplish such a feat? It takes an uncommon repertoire of creativity, skill, ambition, and experience combined with the unique perspective of an entrepreneur driven to improve the status quo—all of which Allison brings in abundance. But more than this, it is her passion for connecting and helping people, a desire that bloomed in high school when she began working with Habitat for Humanity—and one that has underpinned her entire career.

While Allison drives the upward trajectory of GreatHorse with her innovative marketing and advertising efforts and innate ability to connect with people, she’s bringing unique solutions to improve people’s lives through her own booming enterprises, Restoration Chaos and Albright Home Care Services. We sat down with Allison to learn more about the luxury lifestyle club, her pair of thriving businesses, and the myriad connections she’s cultivated along the way.

Let’s start with Greathorse. Tell us a bit more about your role and the club.

I manage the membership process from start to finish.  Through the application process to making sure our longtime members stay engaged and connected in the community.  As a department of one, I am responsible for marketing plans, budget forecasts, external marketing, meeting budgets, outstanding balances, and disputes.  We’re in Western Massachusetts, but in a very rural town. We don’t have any stop lights in town and only one gas station, so the fact that we’re able to draw people from the tristate area, and even across the country to our rural location, is exciting and really a testament to our unique luxury offerings. I love connecting with so many people from various walks of life and introducing them to our club. We have a lot of really great events where I really work to connect like-minded individuals through the membership experience. For example, in June we have an event with Macallan and Bentley Motors where our members will have the opportunity to partake in an elite test-driving experience and sample unique spirits. As our motto stands, “It’s Different at GreatHorse.”

You’re also the owner of two thriving firms. Tell us about your latest venture, Restoration Chaos.

I’ll be happy to! It’s a functional home and office organization company that I started in October 2021. I’ve always liked things to be aesthetically pleasing and entirely functional, so I launched Restoration Chaos to assist people with both. I help a lot of clients with kitchen organization, because if people can’t visually see something, and they think it’s lost or misplaced, they overspend. I love being able to go into someone’s home or office and make their space functional, plus I leave people with tips and tricks to help them stay organized. Each client has different needs, so it’s about making the space functional for each person and best aligned with their needs.

You co-founded your first company, Albright Home Care Services, four years ago. Tell us a bit about this one.

We’re an intimate consulting firm for in-home private-duty nursing, offering around-the-clock staffing for home care and private duty nursing.  Many of our nurses and caregivers’ patients are terminally ill, or have a very severe illness, therefore there is no room for staffing errors. We work diligently to connect quality leads with potential home care providers, so we’re basically matchmakers for people who place individuals in homes to provide private duty care.

What do you enjoy most about your work, or what drives you, Allison?

I love that no two days are ever the same, which keeps things new and fresh. I encounter so many unique individuals, especially in the lifestyle membership industry, and I just love connecting with people. The fact that I’m able to help people and find solutions to make their lives easier is really what drives me every single day.

Allison holds an MBA, master’s degree in Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovative Practices from Bay Path University, where she received the Best Innovation Award for her graduate school thesis. She’s a Retail Management Student of the Year Award winner, and a recipient of the Dean-to-Dean Award at American International College, where she was named Marketing Student of the Year.

Allison Kline

Owner & CEO — Restoration Chaos

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