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Allyson M. Kasetta, Esq.

After completing her undergraduate studies, Allyson Kasetta worked as a paralegal, a career choice that gave her unique, in-depth insight into law, even before pursuing her legal degree. That knowledge, coupled with over a decade of real-world experience and drive, eventually led to her appointment to partner at Prime & Tuvel, a firm with offices in Hoboken, Hackensack, and Mount Laurel, New Jersey, where she now focuses on land use and development. “If you want to build anything beyond a one- or two-family home, you need governmental approval at different levels,” she explains. This is where Allyson comes in, adeptly facilitating those approvals for developers and private owners, who plan to build something new or make improvements to an existing property. Additionally, she assists companies looking to relocate or acquire a new commercial building, such as a gas station or retail store. “It’s a niche area and the range of service is diverse, so there’s always a challenge, which I thrive on,” Allyson shares.


In addition to being a niche area of practice, real estate development is also distinctly male dominated, so Allyson finds her role to be especially empowering. She has steadily built up a client base over the years while also increasing retention rates, and, most importantly, she has earned the loyalty of developers, which is paramount for a land use attorney. She’s also a natural when it comes to appearing before governmental bodies. “It’s public speaking in its truest form,” she says. “And a good rapport with the decision makers is a crucial part of securing these approvals.”


Allyson enjoys seeing the results of her labor, whether it’s in the form of a victorious decision or the physical manifestation of her efforts. In her own eloquent words, she shares, “It’s very gratifying to drive past a new building and know that I played a part in its existence.”


Allyson M. Kasetta, Esq.

Partner — Prime & Tuvel


LinkedIn: Allyson Kasetta

Facebook: Allyson Kasetta

Instagram: @AKasetta1

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