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Amie appears in the Top 100 Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Amie Reiman

Amie Reiman is CEO and founder of Hip Lives, Inc., a company dedicated to relationship building and helping businesses and people collaborate.  H.I.P's pillars are: Help in Parenting, Healing in Plants, and Humanity is Protected—putting physical and mental health first. The My Hip Life platform serves as an online resource for information, testimony/ cannabis education, parenting, health care, self-love, self-care, and living.  A single mom with a special needs son and living proof that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. As an entrepreneur with boundless energy and sales driven marketing professional with over 10 years of experience. Amie connects with people in their lives differently. “I’m a door opener by nature. I’ve been aligned with the right people, and that has allowed us to grow. That is the foundation for Hip Lives—creating synergy and working with great people,” she explains. Amie has driven this message over many woman centric platforms through speaking engagements and was recently a contest winner for Most-Listened-To Pod Story on a popular Cannabis podcast in the U.S.

Amie founded Hip Lives in 2019 in Toronto, Ontario. My Hip Life is the driving force for social and PR engagement through blogs, podcasts, and collaborations with her audience.  Amie works to support the growth for various industries, with a cannabis focus, she initiates opportunities for strategic partnerships, brand building, product manufacturing, supply agreements and investments for various clients across North America. She speaks openly about her views on cannabis. In doing so, she has gained the trust to move into support sales to work with the right individuals and get their products to people who may not have the same perspective. As a relationship expert, she is able to unlock opportunities which large corporations fail to execute.  This is largely due to her tireless efforts on truly understanding the intricate needs of her clients.


Amie attributes the success of Hip Lives in great part to her commitment to transparency. “I think there is a genuine quality behind Hip Lives that is truly me. I’m not perfect, life isn’t perfect, and we’re not saying our way is better, but just being honest and who you are, and open about the way I live life has taken my personal and business life in the right direction. It has been a great journey.”


Amie Reiman

CEO/Founder — Hip Lives, Inc.

LinkedIn: Amie Reiman; My Hip Life

Instagram: @MY.HipLife

Facebook: My Hip Life

Download the Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine and check out Amie's feature on page 121.

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