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Amin Ganjalizadeh


Home. It is the anchor that grounds us, the safe harbor that keeps us. It is a place where families unite and children are loved, where dreams are born and realized, and the promise of happiness reigns. However, for many immigrants and refugees fleeing violence in their native countries, “home” is often an ideal that lives only in the spirit of hope. Amin Ganjalizadeh is determined to change this. He is the founder of AG Legal, a full-service, multilingual, and results-driven immigration firm that offers legal services to individuals from all over the world. For people escaping war-torn Ukraine, the violence and persecution of Afghanistan, and the civil strife or poverty of countries across the globe, he is their legal champion, their protector, and, some might say, their hero, shepherding them to a place where “home” is no longer an unreachable dream, but a reality.


Since launching AG Legal in 2020 in Falls Church, Virginia, Amin has helped hundreds of people with complex immigration cases—and his work extends well beyond the green cards and citizenships that he’s delivered for his clients. He protects vulnerable communities from adverse immigration consequences, like detention, arrest, and removal, to help ensure their safety, status, and ability to pursue the American Dream.


We were fortunate to sit down with Amin to learn more about his crucial work.


What compelled you to start a firm focusing on immigration services?


My parents came here from Iran in the eighties. Growing up, I always wanted to pursue law. I was a sophomore poli-sci major with an international focus when my daughter was born, and she became a motivating force. While working to make the Dean’s list, I waited tables at night, learning Spanish from the staff, which aligned with my aspirations of immigration law. I wanted to help people who needed it most, and to honor my parents because I understood the plight of immigrants. I interned with Columbus School of Law’s clinic for low-income, non-English-speaking immigrants, interpreting for the law students. When I graduated law school, I joined a Boston firm that specialized in this area, working alongside incredible lawyers who fought in the Supreme Court to change laws that opened doors for immigrants. In 2015, I joined an immigration practice in Virginia as a supervising attorney managing a large staff. All these experiences—personal and professional—led me to starting my firm.


Tell us a bit more about AG Legal and the people you serve.


We specialize in both affirmative cases, such as family petitions, waivers, asylum, work permits, VAWA, DACA, TPS, U/S/T visas, as well as defensive cases such as immigration bond, cancellation of removal, defensive asylum, appeals, and more. We serve folks across the U.S. and the world, and many of our clients are in Indonesia, Iran, Morocco, Central and South America. With the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, we've had an influx of refugees retain us to assist them with their asylum cases, including Ukrainian Olympic silver-medalist rowers. We’re seeing the increase from clients in other countries in turmoil, including Afghanistan. We’re working tirelessly to help them and give them the same chance at the American Dream that my family had.


Your mother played a pivotal role in inspiring you to launch your own firm. Will you share this story with us?


My mother’s biggest dream was to see me in my own practice with my name on the door. She had beaten cancer, but in 2020, it returned, and she passed away in June that year. I launched my firm that October. It was a big moment for my family because I know my mom is proud of what I’ve done. She’s laid to rest down the road from my office, and I know she’s watching me, guiding me, and helping me help others.


While you’ve helped so many people, Amin, could you share a few of your most memorable cases?


I remember every person, and they've all made an indelible mark on me, but I’ll share just two. I’m currently working on an asylum case for an Afghan evacuee, wife, and mother who was severely beaten by the Taliban for being in public without a male companion. Another is also a complex Afghan case that I successfully appealed and won for someone who was detained for over 10 years.


Your desire to help others extends into radio as well. Tell us about this.


I’m a special guest speaker on a Spanish radio station, ANC News Radio, where we cover big topics on immigration, taking calls and answering questions. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to reach and help so many people.


Amin graduated from The Catholic University of America and received his law degree from New England Law in Boston. He’s a former member of American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and a member of the EOIR Liaison of AILA and was invited to be a panelist at AILA DC’s Chapter Conference Committee.


Amin Ganjalizadeh

Owner, Attorney — AG Legal, PLLC






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