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The Top 100 People in Finance, 2019


The Top 50 Women of 2019 

CEO and head of vision and brand at myWorth, Ande Frazier is working to change the industry. Her team is bridging the confidence gap between women and their money, giving them guidance through all of life’s moments. myWorth is helping women find the financial security we all deserve, with Ande leading the way.


With a notable list of certifications and degrees- CFP®, CLU, ChFC, RICP, BFA™, LUTCF, CLTC, and securities licenses Series 7, 63, and 65, as well as being named as one of Bristol’s Who’s Who Among Distinguished Professionals and Executives, Ande easily shows her experience in her field of choice.


Ande began working in the financial industry over twenty-four years ago as a financial strategist, specializing in personal finance and wealth building for individuals and business owners. Her skills led her to become a prominent speaker and thought leader in the financial services industry; having coached and developed thousands of financial professionals.  


After serving in various leadership positions throughout the financial services industry, including running a multi-million dollar fintech company, Ande felt it was time to do something that would make a profound difference in bridging the confidence gap between women and their money.  She states, “a watershed moment is upon us and it is likely that history will remember this as the time when women found their voices and realized just how powerful they really are.  As head of vision and brand at myWorth, I can partner with women and coach them to harness their power so that the dreaded words of “financial planning” actually make them feel strong, secure and proud.”


The financial industry has been great at telling people what to do with their money.  And at myWorth, Ande wanted to take a different approach and ask women what they want from us.  What do they need to know about their money and how can myWorth provide them with advice, education and resources to empower them to feel secure in making important financial decisions in their lives.


myWorth’s communication style is simple. The brand represents our understanding that financial decisions aren’t made in a vacuum. They are made in the midst of many other decisions and events. The myWorth team is made up of women who have experienced many of the things women are going through every day. This brand represents that together we can break down barriers and be the source for financial security throughout all stages of life. 


Ande easily relates to her clientele, empowering women to take charge with their financial lives, and acting as an authentic, trusted, and motivated partner, who aids in protecting their financial endeavors. Her desire, as well as that of myWorth, is ultimately to make financial planning an engaging and fulfilling process for women, and with her long and fruitful history in the industry, Ande Frazier easily succeeds in doing just that.  


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