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Top 100 People in Finance Magazine

Andrea K. Bullard

Executive coach Andrea Bullard credits her father for instilling her passion for the financial services industry. Throughout his years as a loan officer, she remembers people thanking him for saving their businesses. Sadly, her father died at the age of 55, leaving Andrea financially independent at only 18-years-old. After earning bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Andrea amassed more than 20 years of coaching experience. Then, in 1994, she created Andrea Bullard & Company, a national executive coaching organization, where she teaches CEOs, executives, financial representatives, and company owners how to coach and build their teams by following her business model.

With several successful programs, products, and testimonials already on the market, Andrea recently published a new book entitled, Turn-Key Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Multimillion-Dollar Wealth Management Practice. Although she would never declare herself an author, Andrea's latest publication is a result of her love and passion for the industry. "Many people think it's just sales, sales, sales, but that's not the case, and my business model helps them to see that," says Andrea. She argues that financial advisors and reps need to build the 4 business pillars in order to have more time freedom, earn more money, and make a bigger impact in the world.

According to Turn-Key Secrets, four pillars are needed to build a successful business: The first pillar is the Vision of what is going to be built. According to Andrea, "The bigger your vision, the better talent you will attract to your business." Then, the second pillar consists of top talent or “A Players” for the team. Next, the third pillar is devised of Systems, which handle every aspect of the business. “Without systems, the advisor just directs everyone,” explains Andrea. Finally, the fourth pillar is Leadership because no matter how grand the vision, team, or systems, a business cannot succeed without a great leader.  

Once the four pillars are established, Andrea helps clients learn how to lead their team toward taking ownership of business goals and playing to win. “This is a critical leadership strategy that changes the energy and focus of the team,” she notes. Instead of concentrating solely on finishing their individual tasks, team members learn how their work contributes to achieving the goals and winning the game. When the entire team has one definition of success, and they are all playing to win, then coming to work becomes a fun team sport and eliminates the “task driven” 9-5 PM work environment.

Andrea also helps financial advisors build their businesses by creating superior client experiences, which result in referrals. “The client experience is critical to a business’s future success because an existing client who continues to have an amazing experience may become a raving fan who gives referrals,” Andrea explains. In fact, her Turn-Key systems imbed client experiences into every system. 

Since the financial industry is rapidly changing, Andrea is currently working on a future business model called The Hybrid Prospect Player Model. “I am predicting that technology will eliminate and/or reduce many staff positions in this industry such as underwriting, money in motion, and case preparation,” says Andrea. Therefore, she is helping financial advisors and representatives build the staff of the future: team members who will provide concierge service to clients and who will have a position to prospect for new clients. These team members can create Centers of Influence, attend all female organizations, give seminars, market at convention booths, and drive new clients through educational seminars for children, young adults, and women. Andrea is now coaching clients to build this new model and reports that the results are amazing.

Andrea K. Bullard, Chief Executive Officer  

Andrea Bullard & Company

Post Office Box 582, Sudbury, MA 01776


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