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Andrea Kraemer

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Andrea Kraemer & Deborah Cohen

Andrea Kraemer and Deborah Cohen are the founding partners of Cohen Kraemer Law, LLC, a certified women-owned business enterprise located in Massachusetts. This highly experienced legal team sets themselves apart from traditional employment law firms by focusing on proactive employment law solutions including independent workplace investigations, interactive and dynamic workplace training, and reliable and effective employment law counseling and advice—all to create a healthy workplace culture where business and employees thrive. Under Andrea and Deborah’s leadership, the firm helps their clients create policies that reflect their organization’s core values and implement preventative measures to avoid workplace problems that potentially lead to litigation, low employee morale, decreased productivity, and high turnover. Andrea and Deborah believe that creating a healthy workplace culture goes beyond legal compliance; it requires implementing organizational expectations and standards for the benefit of the employer and their employees.


Andrea and Deborah draw on their extensive litigation and counseling experience to provide knowledgeable, reliable, and effective guidance to their clients. They are members of the Association of Workplace Investigators and have been trained to conduct workplace and Title IX investigations into complaints of harassment, discrimination, retaliation and other misconduct. They also provide highly customized workplace training for employers, including modules on preventing harassment and discrimination in the workplace, active bystander intervention, conducting internal workplace investigations, navigating workplace accommodation requests and the interactive process, fair hiring and interviewing, and employee discipline and termination. Andrea and Deborah also prepare policies, handbooks, and employment agreements and provide counseling and advice on a wide range of employment issues, from wage and hour issues, to hiring, accommodation, discipline and termination issues. Andrea and Deborah work collaboratively with management and human resources professionals to help resolve workplace issues before they lead to costly litigation or loss of talent.


We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Andrea and Deborah to learn more about their partnership as well as the proactive employment law services they have to offer.

Deb Cohen

The two of you have phenomenal synergy, so let’s start with how you met and came together as partners.  


Andrea: We met in 2016 during a Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) training on conducting workplace investigations. We worked together during the training sessions that week and instantly connected over our passion for employment law, dedication to performing meaningful and challenging legal work, and commitment to our clients and families. We kept in touch from that point on.


Deborah: After the MCAD training in 2016, we stayed in touch and began to realize that our interests were truly aligned. During the early days of the pandemic, we began to meet weekly to discuss our goals and plan our business. What you see now is the product of months of collaboration and really fine tuning our approach to clients, and the ways that we can have a positive impact on workplaces so that both businesses and their employees can thrive.

You offer a variety of services, including workplace investigations. How do those work?

Andrea: Workplace investigations are different from our counseling and advice services because as an investigator, we act as a neutral third-party, not as an advocate.  For example, if there’s a claim of harassment or discrimination, the employer or their attorney hires us to investigate the facts and determine whether the alleged conduct occurred and violates a workplace policy. Conducting a prompt, thorough, and impartial investigation reduces legal exposure and strengthens workplace culture.

Tell us about your work in training and policy development.


Deborah: We create policies and workplace trainings that are custom tailored to the specific needs of each company. We take time to really get to know our clients, including their values and workplace challenges. In this way, we are able to create trainings and policies that are legally compliant and also reflect a company’s values and address its specific concerns.


How has your previous experience been beneficial to your firm?


Andrea: Prior to establishing Cohen Kraemer Law, I was a litigator and saw the mistakes employers made play out in litigation. Whether conducting an investigation or training, developing a policy, or providing counseling and advice, that experience provides me with insight into the proactive measures an employer can take to avoid situations that may lead to litigation and strengthen workplace culture. 


Deborah: My focus has always been on counseling and advising employers so that employers can achieve their goals while avoiding costly litigation and improving workplace morale and retention. Cohen Kraemer Law is a further evolution towards those goals of providing legal services that are beneficial to both employers and employees.


You both firmly believe in giving back to the community. What are some of your current involvements?

Andrea: I’m a member of the American Diabetes Association's Advocacy Attorney Network, and have been trained as a parent advocate through the Federation for Children with Special Needs. As a mother of a child with Type 1 Diabetes, I’m passionate about using my professional skills to help other people living with T1D. I provide advice and counseling to parents of children with T1D, as well as schools and employers. Also, recently, I was elected to the Board of Trustees for The Guild for Human Services, an organization that provides educational and residential services for youth and adults with intellectual disabilities. I was immediately drawn to the position because it provides a way for me to blend my legal career with the skills and training I’ve acquired as my son’s advocate.

Deborah: I’ve been involved in my local community in various capacities for many years. I’ve served on my town’s school committee and Personnel Board. I am the current chair of the Personnel Board, and I also chair the Executive Council of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation’s New England Chapter, and I volunteer for the Election Protection organization, a nonpartisan coalition dedicated to ensuring that all voters have an equal opportunity to vote. No matter what positions we hold, Andrea and I both strive to improve our communities and the lives of the people around us.

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Andrea Kraemer, Partner

Deborah Cohen, Partner

Cohen Kraemer Law, LLC



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