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Andres Bernal

Andres Bernal is an account executive at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions in Miami, Florida. With an overarching mission to create and foster financial equity for underserved individuals through wealth building homeownership opportunities, the firm is setting records for growth in the industry on the national stage by offering alternative, non-QM mortgage lending options. “With the explosion of entrepreneurs, small businesses, self-employed people, loan officers are busier than ever serving this growing group,” he states. “We’re able to shop the universe of lenders and give loan officers the advantage of being able to provide their borrowers with the best financial service possible, and at the best rates.”

Andres joined the firm in 2018 entrusted with helping loan officers find alternative financing for borrowers who can’t qualify for conventional loans. In just his third year in the industry, he closed 275 loans valued at $105 million in 2021, earning a spot on the distinguished list of the top eight producers companywide—at just 28 years old. Andres keeps in his sights not only his loan officers, but those they serve, providing lending solutions with unique flexibility for qualified, underserved borrowers who might not get approved through a traditional bank using bank statements, “just-missed” prime, non-prime, and investor cash flow options, among others. “There are many self-employed borrowers that think they can’t get qualified,” he shares. “We lend our own capital, and we don’t require tax returns. Instead, we use bank statements and other means as a qualifier to help get them a loan.”

Andres has built a name for himself and garnered a reputation as a reliable consultant supporting mortgage brokers and correspondents with rapid precision and unrivaled responsiveness. And for him, it’s personal. “I’m in a unique position to truly be able to help others and open doors for our clients,” he shares. “I love being able to make such a positive impact on people’s lives.” The firm aims to make the entire loan process easy and efficient, delivering phenomenal customer service and enabling the ability to close loans as quickly as possible. “Minutes can feel like a lifetime for brokers and borrowers, and in a market where houses are gone the date that they’re listed, I know time is of the essence to get financing approved,” he explains. “My mission is to always respond to emails within 15 minutes and return every phone call within 30 minutes.”


Born from an insatiable thirst for serving others, it’s evident that Andres boasts a rare form of business acumen that stems from a deeply personal place. Prior to joining Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, Andres was a physical education coach for kids for special needs and founded the company Special All Star Fitness, which made it easy and convenient for the children he worked with to train and participate in sports. “My desire has always been helping people, but I’ve always had a head for business,” he states. “When the opportunity came along to enter the mortgage industry, I took advantage of it and just fell in love with the field. Now, I’m able to serve both my passions—business and helping people to achieve the dream of home ownership.”

Andres has a bachelor’s degree in business.

Andres Bernal

Executive — Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions