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Andrew Abas

Andrew Abas is managing director at Carlyle Capital, a direct private lender headquartered in Irvine, California, that enables real estate investors to grow via a fluid approach to the asset-backed private money lending industry. He and his team lend across 46 states and provide financing structures custom tailored for real estate investors. Their asset-backed approach provides their borrowers a lucrative structure that allows them to take on more real estate projects with less dollars out of their pocket. “Ultimately, most of the loans we provide are short term, such as 12 months, so we are simply providing a ‘bridge’ to help real estate investors implement their business plans for a profit,” Andrew explains.


Carlyle Capital caters to two types of clients: investors and borrowers. While the investors make a healthy return on their cash investments, the borrowers leverage their expertise alongside the private investors’ money to profit from real estate projects. “It’s a win-win situation because our investors want to leverage our expertise to make a return on their money, while our borrowers want to leverage borrowed money to increase their own ROI (return on investment) through their various projects. Our goal at Carlyle Capital is to ensure our investors feel confident about their investments while we work alongside borrowers who have a proven track record,” says Andrew.


Andrew and his team members are not only lenders, but they are also real estate investors themselves. “We have a unique vantage point because we understand the challenges that real estate investors face, and we want to provide them the solutions they need to grow their businesses and to become more successful,” he explains. While short-term bridge loans are at the core of their business, they also assist real estate investors with competitive long-term financing for investment property owners, whether it be for residential, multifamily, or commercial assets.


Andrew spent over 14 years in wealth management, working for Citigroup and Fidelity Investments, before transitioning into private lending several years ago and joining Carlyle Capital. In his current role, he continues to uphold his longstanding reputation for being honest, precise, and following through on every project he undertakes. While Andrew manages all operations within the company, including deal analysis, underwriting, and funding, he also serves as fund manager with the discretion of funding private loans for real estate investors. “They call me the Excel King of the office because numbers don’t lie,” jokes Andrew. His main objective is to make sure that the company is funding quality loans and to help ensure that they have a thorough due diligence process, a well-trained team, and good oversight. In recognition of his hard work and dedication, Andrew was named the 2018 Man of Vision by Modern Luxury Magazine.

Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in business economics from UCLA as well as CFP (Certified Financial Planner™) Certification.



Andrew Abas

Managing Director

Carlyle Capital

Irvine, California


Instagram: @carlylecapital


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