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Andrew appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Andrew Amiri


Andrew Amiri has made into reality what for many remains a dream. With patience and diligent perseverance, he traveled from humble beginnings, up the ranks to CEO and co-founder of an innovative digital radiography company whose motto, “Time is our Enemy,” is wholly evident in their acumen. Medna Medical Equipment, Inc., located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, co-designs AI-enhanced X-ray equipment. Their patented technology utilizes a 3D camera to perform auto body-part and view detection as well as body part thickness measurements for the medical, chiropractic, and veterinary fields. “I enjoy the process of updating and upgrading current technology by making it ‘smart,’” he says.

Andrew moved to Canada in 2004, with a background in computer hardware engineering. From a junior technician, he worked his way up to head service engineer and radiation safety surveyor, performing government-required radiation safety inspections. During that time, he got to know radiology equipment inside and out and became a certified service technician for most major medical equipment manufacturers.

Last year, he was put in charge of a failing x-ray company, and in just 16 months, has made it more profitable than at any other time in its history. His specialty has become applying his decade of hands-on experience in computer science, electronics, and digital radiology to developing successful sales strategies. Yet, not forgetting his roots, he’s still just a humble man who knows he earned his success through hard work. “I’m so very thankful for the challenges I’ve faced,” Andrew shares. “Without them, I would not be the person I am today.”


Andrew Amiri

CEO & Co-Founder — Medna Medical Equipment Incorporated





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