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Andrew Maderia


Andrew Maderia, the president and CEO of Maderia Group, is an undisputed expert and visionary leader in the energy industry. With over a decade of hands-on experience in the downstream fuel sector, he has cemented his reputation as an authority figure when it comes to navigating the complex energy market landscape.


Under Andrew's astute guidance, Maderia Group has emerged as a formidable force in the energy industry since its inception in 2017. His leadership has been instrumental in the company's mission to drive business growth for its clients by effectively communicating with the modern-day energy consumer.


Andrew and his team of experts offer a comprehensive suite of services, including strategic consulting, cutting-edge digital and technological solutions, and meticulous campaign management and execution tailored specifically for fuel and energy companies. Their offerings span the gamut, from digital and print advertising to website design and build, M&A expertise, and everything in between. Clients can rest

assured that Maderia Group is a one-stop shop for all their energy business needs.


What truly sets Andrew apart in the energy sector is his deep understanding of market trends, consumer behavior, and the regulatory challenges that loom over the industry. Armed with this knowledge, he crafts innovative and impactful marketing campaigns that consistently yield remarkable results. His proficiency extends to minimizing customer attrition during acquisitions, ensuring the preservation of valuable clientele.


In this Q&A with Andrew, we delve into his remarkable journey in the energy industry and the unique approach that sets his company apart. With over a decade of experience in the field, Andrew shares his expertise and perspective on the challenges facing fuel and energy companies today and offers valuable insights into the strategies that help these companies succeed in connecting with consumers.


What inspired you to start the company?


I started in the energy industry while working at an e-commerce software company. Our software made it easy for fuel dealers to facilitate online purchases of oil and propane for their customers. But during my time there, I realized many of these dealers knew they needed our software, but didn’t know how to effectively use it. I took it upon myself to give them some hands-on guidance and support.


At a certain point, the owner of the software company sat me down and reminded me that we were primarily a software company, not a consulting firm and that I needed to move the consulting to another space. It was then that I realized the role consulting played in helping these clients, and I made the decision to part ways with the company in 2017. With just my laptop and a lot of determination, I joined the world of entrepreneurship with just one colleague helping me with all of the day-to-day activities. Fast-forward to today, and we proudly serve well over 50 clients with an awesome team of nearly a dozen members.


What separates you/makes you unique?


A recent testimonial from one of our clients, I think, perfectly captures our approach. We thrive in niche marketing while being able to confidently speak the language of the energy industry. Our client calls it "the KO punch" because we can easily align their goals with consumer needs. At heart, we operate as a boutique firm, and personally, I am deeply involved with all our clients. We make it a point to make strong connections, not just with our clients but with their families as well.


Why is it so important for fuel and energy companies to connect with consumers, and how do your strategies help them succeed?


The dynamics are simple yet profoundly significant in the relationship between a fuel dealer and a homeowner or small business owner. As a fuel provider, it is our client's responsibility to keep their customers warm and comfortable. This includes delivering home comfort products as well as maintaining their heating and cooling systems. Consumers continue to place their trust in all of the amazing companies we work with because our clients are passionate about keeping their communities comfortable.


I recently used an analogy on a partner’s podcast, comparing the acquisition of new fuel customers to online dating. Initially, when a homeowner buys oil or propane online, it's similar to a first date. But, as they experience the convenience of other services, like automatic fuel delivery, their trust in the company deepens. Eventually, they explore services such as furnace maintenance or service contracts, and that ends up solidifying the relationship.


We aim to build strong, lasting bonds between our clients and their customers, making them “super sticky.” This trust is the bedrock upon which we introduce promotional offers, such as upgrading their outdated systems. Something I want to emphasize, though, is that this level of trust does not happen overnight. It takes consistency, reliability, and trust—values that define our clients' commitments to their customers.


What are the greatest challenges facing fuel and energy companies?


One of the biggest has to be the shift towards biofuels. States are mandating the inclusion of biofuel blended in with the product that we all know as heating oil, and fuel dealers must adapt by incorporating bioproducts and even exploring tax credits and incentives to stay competitive and environmentally responsible. This is the only way to keep a competitive advantage in their markets.


Tell us about your podcast, Let’s talk!


I launched my podcast roughly two years ago, and it has been an incredible journey! Along the way, I've had the privilege of meeting some exceptional people–leaders from all corners of the energy industry who offer insights into the different realms of energy and fuel sectors. The point of the podcast is to have engaging and honest conversations about the industry, and we discuss everything from marketing strategies to the challenge of finding skilled service technicians, etc.


Not long ago, I had the honor of hosting the president of the Western Propane Gas Association as a guest. We talked a lot about the regulatory landscape and some upcoming changes and opportunities. Beyond professional insights, Let’s Talk also dives into the personal lives of our guests, allowing us to get to know them on a more human level. It's a platform that fosters a deeper understanding of these industry leaders and their roles.


What do you enjoy most about your work?


This one's a no-brainer for me. I come from a background deeply rooted in small businesses. I grew up in a commercial fishing family. When we became a certain age and told our dad about certain things we wanted, he immediately pointed to the lobster boats where he had and has made a name for himself as the best quality catch in the area. On top of that, my grandparents owned a contracting marina where we learned how to operate heavy machinery and build things that people would use and love for years. Even today, I am heavily involved in our family’s commercial fishing business. I can recall the thrill of landing a new account, a game-changer for our family's fishing enterprise. It could mean the difference between going on a Florida trip that year or not. That excitement of securing new opportunities is something I cherish. What really fuels my passion is seeing my clients achieve remarkable milestones and hearing them say, "Andrew, we gained 1,000 new customers this winter." I become emotionally invested in their journey and celebrate their successes as if they were my own.

Andrew Maderia
Maderia Group



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