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Andrew Van Arsdale


With years of demonstrated work history within the legal services industry, Attorney Andrew Van Arsdale is a seasoned business development professional skilled in legal assistance, personal injury litigation, legal research, and nonprofit organizations. After earning his Juris Doctorate degree from the University of San Diego School of Law and passing the bar in California, Nevada, and Montana, Andrew entered into private practice and founded AVA Law Group, headquartered in San Diego. As the firm’s managing partner, Andrew’s mission is to provide clients with easy access to the justice system and to offer efficient legal representation.


Since establishing AVA Law Group in 2019, Andrew and his team specialize in helping victims of negligence-related injuries by seeking maximum compensation from the responsible parties and ensuring continual client satisfaction. At AVA, “We represent the people against the powerful!” says Andrew, whose most recent work focuses on sexual abuse cases. His representation of clients against a wide range of organizations, notably the the Boy Scouts of America, has been widely recognized by the media and featured on CNN, ABC News, NBC News, and several other platforms.


Although they are based in California with offices in Montana, the AVA Law Group assists people throughout the country. No matter their location, Andrew works to protect clients by providing strong litigation with the goal of placing pressure upon the defendants and helping to establish new protocols, policies, and procedures. Although the work can be challenging, Andrew is grateful for the opportunity to right the wrongs that have been committed and to help victims finally begin the process of healing.



Andrew Van Arsdale

Owner and Managing Partner

AVA Law Group, Inc.

3667 Voltaire Street

San Diego, California 92110-2111








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