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Andrew Weiss:
A Visionary Leader and Champion of Entrepreneurs


Andrew Weiss, the founder and CEO of The Partnered CEO, is not just an entrepreneur. Over the past 18 months, he has emerged as an indispensable resource for founders aiming to transform their small brands into thriving enterprises. The Partnered CEO, a fractional CEO consulting firm, stands apart in its singular mission: guiding startups and innovators toward significant profitability.


The essence of the firm's uniqueness lies in Andrew's own journey and expertise. With a background that spans the spectrum of the Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, from startups to mammoth corporations, Andrew possesses a rare combination of experiences. He's been at the helm, steering a $100 million brand to reach a staggering $500 million, and has propelled a modest $300,000 brand to achieve a remarkable $72 million valuation. This range of experiences, from grassroots brands to the giants of the industry, allows Andrew to tailor strategies meticulously, ensuring they resonate with the unique needs of each business.


This unique approach rests on a philosophy of teaching and growth. Andrew, a proud father of four, likens his role to that of a nurturer—be it fostering growth in his children or in a budding enterprise. His passion for mentoring extends beyond business. Under his tutelage, five professionals have ascended to CEO or VP roles, testifying to his prowess as a leader and mentor.


Perhaps one of the most defining chapters in Andrew’s professional journey was his instrumental role in the creation and sale of the country's largest whey-based protein brand, and subsequently, the nation's largest plant-based brand. His achievements have not gone unnoticed; the 2022 Visionary Leadership Award and the 2023 Top 100 CPG Innovators Award stand as testaments to his groundbreaking contributions to the CPG sector.


Andrew’s foray into the business world began at the tender age of 18, when he invested in a franchise named Wireless Dimensions. Eschewing traditional academic routes, he believes that there is no education quite like real-world experience, with risks and rewards shaping one's insights.


What truly sets Andrew apart is his intimate understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. He identifies the relinquishment of control as the foremost hurdle for growing companies. As companies expand, founders often grapple with the prospect of ceding control, accompanied by the daunting salaries and potential equity stakes associated with hiring full-time CEOs. Herein lies the genius of The Partnered CEO. For a fraction of the cost, companies gain access to top-tier CEO insights, team-building expertise, strategic advisory, and contract negotiations. More so, founders retain their coveted CEO title, a badge of honor and identity for many.


The Partnered CEO is not just a business; it's Andrew’s brainchild, crafted from his deep-seated desire to champion other business owners. Focusing primarily on enterprises with annual revenues between $100k to $50M, Andrew is paving the way for a new era of collaborative leadership. In a world where startups often flounder in their quest for growth, Andrew and his firm stand as beacons of guidance, ensuring that dreams aren't just dreamt but realized.


We spoke with Andrew to gain a better understanding of why he started The Partnered CEO and what drives him.


Andrew, what inspired you to start The Partnered CEO?


While growing CPG companies, I observed how many founders struggled with crucial decisions, leading to stagnation in progress. Often, they lacked proper brand strategy, marketing, assortment, pricing, or even product packaging. Many companies with stellar products remain unnoticed due to a lack of business strategy, while lesser-quality products shine because of robust business tactics. I aimed to offer small businesses the strategy that big CPG brands benefit from, but at a fraction of the cost, ensuring their growth. Today, I’m also seeking collaborations with brokerage firms and venture capitalists to extend this strategy to their portfolio brands facing similar challenges.


What distinguishes your approach from others in the CPG industry?


My unique edge lies in the diverse experiences I've gathered throughout my career. Unlike many who specialize either in startups or in large CPG companies, I've immersed myself in both worlds. I've seen firsthand the intricacies of marketing, brand building, and identity formation across the spectrum. This dual perspective allows me to craft strategies tailored to the specific needs of any company, be it a budding startup or an established brand. While many professionals may start and end their careers at major corporations like Procter & Gamble or Johnson & Johnson, I’ve ventured beyond, engaging with a range of brands and participating in five successful exits. This broad-based experience equips me to guide founders through various stages, especially if their vision is to build and eventually exit. I offer an insight that few in the industry possess, bridging the gap between startup energy and big-brand strategies.


What do you enjoy most about your work?


Being a father of four, my life revolves around nurturing and growth. I started my own business at 18 and experienced firsthand the joy and challenges of nurturing a business from scratch. The same joy I feel watching my children grow, I experience seeing a business flourish. One of my proudest achievements is mentoring individuals from the onset of their careers, guiding them until they assume their desired positions. The thrill of seeing a brand succeed on the shelves of major retailers, and knowing I played a part in that journey, is truly unparalleled. It's not just about growing businesses; it's about growing people.


What is one piece of advice you’d give to founders out there?


CPG wisdom comes from time and hands-on experience, not merely from friends or online research. I’ve made mistakes in the past so that others won’t have to. Learn from those who've walked the path before you.


Andrew Weiss
Founder and CEO
The Partnered CEO

Facebook: @thepartneredceo
Instagram: @thepartneredceo

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