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Angela Cherry

Meet Angela Cherry, the president of SecureStream Pay Solutions. Angela’s story is not that of a meteoric rise to the top, absent of challenges. No. Hers is a narrative peppered with obstacles, none of which prevented her from reaching the upper echelon of the credit card processing industry. The hook, however, is that throughout her ascent, Angela never compromised her integrity, nor forgot her ambition to lift others along her way.

Angela’s adventure began in 2013, when she accepted her first role as a business development manager. Despite having no previous experience, her raw talent and enthusiasm proved to be more than enough to successfully execute in this position—and her exceptional performance did not go unnoticed. Angela soon found herself promoted to director of marketing and business development, where again, she excelled, mastering implementation, training, and client support, and establishing herself as a dynamic and purposeful leader.

Throughout the enviable career that followed, one theme has been consistent—Angela’s “lead by example” philosophy. Focused on inspiring and empowering others, she methodically creates an environment where everyone can succeed.

Ultimately, Angela found a perfect fit at SecureStream Pay Solutions, where she guides their vision, mission, and values. Here, she is tasked with driving business development, identifying and pursuing growth opportunities, expanding into new markets, and cultivating strategic partnerships. The portfolio that is serviced by SecureStream Pay Solutions originated in 2006, empowering businesses of all sizes with secure, efficient, and tailored payment solutions. Understanding the constant evolution of the payment landscape, the company is committed to helping clients stay ahead by providing the tools and expertise needed to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

To delve deeper into her experiences and insights, we sat down with Angela for an in-depth conversation about her leadership philosophy, her vision for SecureStream Pay Solutions, and the lessons she has learned along the way.

Angela, you’ve had a remarkable career. How did you get to where you are today?

I was raised on a farm, where I learned the value of hard work and follow-through. These traits have been fundamental to my success. After high school, instead of going to college, I got married and had children. When my marriage ended eight years later, I found myself as a single mother with two small daughters, no degree, and no significant work experience.

I seized every opportunity that came my way, worked diligently, and excelled in each role. I eventually worked as a legal assistant at a law firm, where one of our clients owned a credit card processing company similar to SecureStream. He recognized my work ethic and offered me a business development manager position. Despite my lack of experience, he assured me, "You just do what you do, and we'll teach you everything else." I took the job and successfully secured contracts and built relationships. Within a year, I was promoted to executive leadership. Now, here I am today, grateful for every leader who gave me an opportunity and for the challenges that shaped me. I've overcome a lot of adversity, and I aim to pay it forward, inspiring and empowering as many people as I can, especially women.

What makes SecureStream Pay Solutions unique?

What truly sets us apart is our emphasis on transparency, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service. We consistently receive fantastic feedback from our merchants, who tell us that our service surpasses that of most others in the industry. We don’t have contracts, termination fees, or setup charges, and we don't make our clients call a generic 1-800 number and wait on hold. Instead, they can directly reach out to my team for immediate assistance, allowing business owners, board leaders, and managers to continue with their busy days without unnecessary interruptions.

What is one piece of advice that you’d share with new or aspiring leaders?

Embrace servant leadership. When you lead from a place of empathy and genuinely put yourself in others’ shoes, you can truly inspire and guide your team, rather than simply managing them. For me, being a successful leader isn't about my personal achievements; it's about my team and our clients who trust us every day. My focus is on ensuring my team has the tools and support they need to succeed. I've learned to take the best qualities from the great leaders I've had throughout my career and use them as a guide for my own growth. With the right will, drive, and attitude, you can continue to grow into something extraordinary. My goal is to nurture and develop future leaders within my team.

What do you feel are three key characteristics of a good leader, and how do you embody them in your work?

Three key characteristics of a good leader are 1) empowering others, 2) effective communication, and 3) leading by example. I empower my team by providing them with the necessary resources, support, and autonomy to excel in their roles. I ensure that the company's vision and goals are communicated effectively to all stakeholders, not just through speeches or presentations, but also by integrating them into everyday conversations and decision-making processes. I lead by example by aligning my actions and behaviors with the company's vision and goals. This means making decisions that support our long-term objectives and demonstrating a commitment to our values and mission. By embodying the principles I expect from my team, I inspire them to follow suit and contribute to our collective success.

Lastly, Angela, what do you enjoy most about your work?

The opportunity to grow as a leader and to help cultivate future leaders. As a mother of three daughters, it is especially important to me to demonstrate that no matter the situation, you can excel, succeed, and be a strong woman who finds her place in the world.


Angela Cherry


SecureStream Pay Solutions

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