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Angelica “Angie” Serna

In a competitive market like real estate, it’s not easy to make an impact, but Angie Serna has never shied away from a challenge. She is beloved by clients, esteemed by co-workers, and adored by her boss and owner of Top Dog Properties, Gregory Peterson. “Angie is a blessing to work with and always has a smile you can feel through the phone. She is always the first person to jump in and help other brokers and she’s just a genuine, amazing person,” Greg shares.

More than being a pleasure to work with, Angie has earned her place among Top Dog Property’s Hall of Fame. She was the first outside broker to join the company one year ago, leaving an agency where she received 100% commission. In just her first nine months at Top Dog, she more than doubled her previous sales record, surpassing $10 million in volume in 2021 alone, making her the top producer, or “Top Dog.” And while she’s taking Colorado by storm with her infectious energy, it was no surprise that Angie was offered the role of COO for the firm’s newly formed branch, TD Luxury Properties Mexico.

Top Dog Properties is a boutique real estate company servicing a large share of the resort real estate throughout Colorado and the Denver Metro area, as well as a specialist in the purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties. Angie, who is trilingual (English, Spanish, and American Sign Language), was born in Mexico, so as the leader of TD Luxury Properties Mexico, she knows the area and understands the culture. “When I meet clients, I strive to really get to know them. When I mention I was actually born in Chihuahua Mexico, they normally feel more comfortable and they trust me because we both are here to struggling to achieve the American Dream. Owning a home is one of the ultimate steps in that American dream, and I’m here to make that as stress-free as possible,” Angie shares. Whether she’s serving clients across Colorado or Mexico, for Angie, delivering this dream is more than a job—it’s a personal mission. “My drive comes from my own personal experience. We grew up very poor and came here for that American Dream, so I try to do everything I can to help people get a house, plant their roots, and thrive, just as my family was able to do,” she shares.

Realizing the American Dream doesn’t only apply to prospective clients, Angie feels that Top Dog is supporting her in the pursuit of her goals as well. As she shares, “I’m thankful for the unlimited opportunities for growth and Gregory’s guidance. I can take on new projects and get a broader grasp of different situations because he’s closely involved. His approach to management is different from any other leader, and unlike my previous role, where I felt more like a number than a person, he creates an environment where you’re valued and driven to excel. It’s both exciting and rewarding, and I just love working here.”


Angelica “Angie” Serna
Broker and COO

TD Luxury Properties, Mexico

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