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Anne appears in the Top 100 Australian Professionals Magazine

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Anne Massey

Anne Massey’s strong leadership purpose, as well as people and places, have shaped and influenced her extensive career. Her purpose is to make a positive difference for people and the community, and then to encourage and equip others to do the same. She is an experienced non-executive chair and director, with a background as a global senior executive and CEO, and specialises in strategic management, economic and cultural change, people management, partnerships, and social sustainability. Now based in Sydney, Anne brings her extensive expertise from hospitality, customer insights, and corporate giving to CEO’s, boards, and companies, working alongside them to transform their business and personal outcomes.


During her global career with Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Anne gained experience in multiple business functions. She was a senior member of the team, who created the Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) program in 1999, and during the 2008 Sheraton brand revitalisation, she initiated an innovation project in collaboration with the Pratt Institute, to reimagine the ‘Meeting Chair of the Future.’


On her return to Australia in 2009 as managing director, Asia Pacific for Communispace USA, she successfully launched a new brand into the region, becoming an officer of the company in 2010


One of the biggest impacts on Anne’s life was the loss of her best friend to cancer, which changed her forever. “I promised myself to live life for us both;” says Anne, “to be as healthy as possible and to kick cancer’s butt.” Guided by this philosophy, Anne is now chair of the Can Too Foundation, a charity organisation that promotes healthy lifestyles, training people to run and swim distance challenges and fundraise, so they can invest back into cancer prevention and research.

Anne aligns many of her roles in support of the community. She serves as chair of the ACDC Project steering committee for Community Mental Health Australia, which assists the psychologically and socially disadvantaged, and is an advisory board member of the Resilient Australia Alliance. In her consultancy, she partners with clients on social sustainability, helping to leverage and link their purpose-to-profit, elevating impact on people and society. Her global experience gives her a deep knowledge of contemporary business practices, which she brings to her role with The CEO Institute as chair of two syndicate groups of CEOs, as well as in her executive coaching practice, where she specializes in guiding and enhancing careers and personal branding for CEO’s and senior leaders.


Although Anne has achieved great success professionally and personally, she started adult life as a teenage pregnant bride, without completing her education and was determined not to be a casualty of circumstances, starting her full-time career at 34 years old. “I had a strong desire to succeed,” Anne shares. A favorite quote by Eleanor Roosevelt is her guide; "you must do that which you think you cannot.” Today, happily married for 43 years, she has 3 wonderful children and 4 grandchildren.


Anne has established herself as an accomplished businesswoman and a dedicated humanitarian. She is an active community volunteer and stays healthy as a marathoner and triathlete.



Anne Massey

Chair and CSR Specialist

APMassey Consulting


CEO Institute:

The Can Too Foundation:

Download the magazine and see Anne's feature on page 41.

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