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Co-Founder & CEO

Anthea appears in the 
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Anthea Sargeaunt

Driven by a desire to serve as a catalyst for meaningful change, Anthea Sargeaunt co-founded 2S Water alongside partner Anthony Nelson in 2017. The duo has worked together for the last 15 years, and with the mission of “protecting the world’s water,” their latest startup venture is on the leading edge of innovation. With the ability to alert water treatment plants of a problem in real time, 2S (which stands for “scientifically secure”) Water alerts treatment facilities of metal contamination issues before they become full-blown health and environmental risks. “In Canada, especially, we really recognize the value of fresh water, and when you look at what’s happening in the environment, there just haven’t been tools for these companies to use until now,” she explains. Featuring a real-time sensor in water treatment plant control systems, their prototype not only saves the facilities money by reducing the amount of chemicals used, but also helps make sure water that’s being released into the world is up to standard.

Prior to launching the company, Anthea gained experience working in various capacities, running everything from marketing to sales, which lends itself to a unique vantage point that's served to color her perspective. After years of entrepreneurial work in the oil and gas industry, Anthea pivoted and launched 2S Water as her fourth entrepreneurial venture, which she considers her greatest professional accomplishment by far. “Being in an industry with such a negative environmental impact really weighed heavily on me,” she states. “With this venture, we’re literally improving the world, and we’ve chosen to do it with water. It’s been the most impactful, inspiring, and exciting pursuit, and it’s also been the most challenging.” As the recipient of Start Alberta Tech’s Most Promising Startup Entrepreneur of the Year distinction, Anthea is no stranger to challenge. One might even say she’s of the rare breed that’s fueled by it. Now, as the company’s seasoned CEO, she’s responsible for keeping everyone moving forward together, at the same pace toward the same goal. “2S Water is the outpouring of our mission where, together, we have a chance to change the world,” she states.

Anthea holds an MBA and is on the Edmonton City Club board.


Anthea Sargeaunt

Co-Founder & CEO — 2S Water




Instagram: @antheasargeaunt

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