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Anthony Fleurival


Inspired to support others to achieve financial freedom and transformational growth, Anthony Fleurival has dedicated his entire career to uplifting others. As a first-generation immigrant of Haitian decent, he is extremely driven by his own personal calling to create over 10,000 Haitian millionaires through the support of business ownership and entrepreneurship.

After college, Anthony thought he found his niche as a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley’s wealth management division. While there, he joined a remarkable investment group, where his focus shifted to aiding employee stock purchase plan clients and assisting other professionals with their work benefits and portfolios. “I am truly grateful to have worked on that team, I learned so much,” he shares. However, Anthony realized that he was far more motivated to help generate wealth, than to simply manage it. Thereafter, he transitioned into an entrepreneurial career, dedicating his efforts to expanding small businesses, startups, and nonprofits.

In 2019, Anthony joined Abelard Psychotherapy, Inc. as CFO to continue his quest to help others. The Haitian/minority-owned psychotherapy business offers virtual and in-person therapy appointments with special emphasis on treating behavioral disorders in adults and children. “The atmosphere is incredibly supportive, empowering, and compassionate,” he states. “It’s really a family environment, and it starts with our phenomenal leadership.” In addition to managing budgets and cash flow, and overseeing the company’s overarching business model, Anthony helps ensure clinicians are financially stable and well compensated. “For us, it’s about overall impact to the community, so we are intensely committed to the well-being of every single person at Abelard personally, professionally, and financially,” he shares. In the three years since Anthony joined the company, they’ve seen significant growth, in great part due to his expertise in his two other roles—IT director and recruitment officer. Anthony led the widespread updates across accounting, billing, and other systems to increase efficiency, and in turn, valuation. As he continues to lead Abelard Psychotherapy on an upward trajectory, he also serves as the finance director of the U.S. Haitian Chamber of Commerce, which is focused on promoting and assisting Haitian businesses in the United States.

Anthony graduated from the Carol School of Management at Boston College in 2006.


Anthony Fleurival

CFO — Abelard Psychotherapy Inc.

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