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Anthony Haulcy

Working with clients to buy and to sell homes is much more than a profession to Anthony Haulcy, a broker/associate for The Associates Realty Group in Anaheim, California. In fact, he says that he always knew his sole purpose in life would be to educate and to inspire others, especially members of the working class. Anthony takes his job seriously because he believes that creating knowledgeable consumers ultimately leads to a better world. Therefore, he strives to ensure that his clients are making well-informed, educated decisions built upon a solid foundation of trust and transparency.

The reason Anthony chose the real estate business is because he wanted to help make other people’s dreams come true. He understands what it is like to struggle and to overcome adversity. Battling hunger, receiving the lowest level of education, and not having funds available to attend college were constant issues throughout his developmental years. Anthony explains, “Growing up in poverty made it hard to imagine anything different, even for the best of dreamers.” His community offered few opportunities and lacked basic resources, mentorship, and guidance.

Unfortunately, even after Anthony managed to move away to begin a life of his own, he continued to face insurmountable obstacles. For instance, as young adults when he and his wife attempted to purchase their first home, they were informed that their loan was denied on the day of closing. Heartbroken at the news, his wife ran from the room. Anthony refers to this experience as “the defining day that would ultimately begin the shaping of [his] future.” It was at that moment that Anthony felt a burning desire to make sure that him, his wife and no one else had to feel the disappointment he and his wife felt. On the day they were supposed to be celebrating their new home, they found themselves walking away devastated and empty handed, but over the past 27 years together would inevitably go on to purchase more than 23 homes of their own.

Due to his background and challenging life experiences, Anthony thinks of his clients as friends and family. He explains, “I am dedicated to providing an easy, efficient, and enjoyable experience for each of my clients, and I view what I do not as a job but as an act of love.” Therefore, it is not surprising that lifelong relationships have always been key to Anthony’s success with more than 50 percent of his business coming from the referrals of past and present clients. Anthony recognizes that he was fortunate to have beaten the odds. He hopes that by acting as their agent, investment coach, contractor, loan officer, and advisor, he can help his clients beat the odds and make their dreams come true as well.

With over 22 years in the industry, Anthony has earned numerous awards and designations. He began by being named Rookie of the Year during his first year as a realtor. Then, he went on to earn the title of Top Agent at Remax Integrity group for 11 consecutive years before opening his own firm. Anthony has also received the Multi-Million Dollar Top 1% Producer Award, the 5 Star Award, and the Elite 10 Best Agents in the State Award.


Anthony Haulcy  |  Broker Associate

The Associates Realty Group

155 N. Riverview Drive, Anaheim, California 92808





Twitter: @AnthonyHaulcy

Instagram: @cadreamhomefinder

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