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Anthony Johnson

Tell us about your company, Delve Risk.

Delve Risk is a cyber security advisory company. We focus on two primary areas. First, we provide guidance and engagement to executives who don’t know a lot about cyber and/or who don’t have the budget or need to hire a dedicated CISO or mega consulting practice. We provide executive-level technology advisory, consulting services and strategic analysis with an emphasis on cybersecurity and risk. Basically, we take the talent and expertise behind +$100 million budgets and provide that to companies via an on-demand retainer model. We also specialize in helping technology companies sell to enterprises at a senior executive level. We strengthen their product messaging, provide pre-sales support, business intelligence, and reduce their sales motion cycle time.

What is your role with the company?

I’m a managing partner. I founded the company last summer, after working in cybersecurity and C-suite roles within major institutions for more than 20 years. I wanted to help clients gain access to the same level of expertise available to big corporations at rates that they could afford. Initially, we thought we’d just be focusing on financial companies, but we found that businesses across all sectors have appreciated the value of our services and our model. We price it aggressively in a retainer model as opposed to large statements of work. This ensures the expertise and guidance are affordable and accessible when needed.

The types of companies that I work with don’t fit into a specific profile. I have helped numerous clients spanning various fields, including a lot of venture capital groups and private equity firms. I help them develop their cybersecurity strategy, and particularly working with their portfolio companies, to make sure they have a meaningful client acquisition strategy. I also help curate executive level relationships as part of this.

What makes Delve Risk unique from other finance cybersecurity companies?

First, our depth of experience. We bring a tremendous amount of experience and deep networks to build our unique model.


Second, we’ve worked with a lot of tech organizations, and we have very specialized expertise in this area really to help clients think through the most innovative and best ways to win. It’s one thing to hire any virtual CISO; it’s another to have CISO’s that have led some of the largest banks in the world.

Third, we have a unique approach. Although we have some brilliant tech minds on our team, our goal is not to compete on expertise; there are a lot of smart people in the world. We view our role as, really, trusted agents to our clients, and we have tremendous relationships with technologists at organizations across various verticals. We focus on giving sound, measured guidance with a trust-based model, which is very impactful. Most companies compete on price, and then race to the bottom. However, we focus on trust and on building and maintaining genuine relationships with our clients; by providing great service. In fact, we actually walked away from our first deal because it was more of a transactional deal as opposed to trust model, which wasn’t how we wanted to do business.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I was always interested in business and technology. I got my bachelor’s degree in computer information systems from Regis University and my MBA at Indiana University. Before that though, I was an enlisted airman in the US Air Force and was blessed to be launched right into a career in cybersecurity. I have a number of industry certifications and I have worked in some of the most complicated cyber environments in the world. One of them being the Corporate Investment Bank at JP Morgan, where I was a senior managing director, and the global chief information security officer. I helped the organization make sure they were meeting all regulatory compliance and security requirements as well as engaging with the clients to help them with their strategies. I spent a tremendous amount of time working with, educating, and helping board members at some of the largest companies in the world understand cyber.

What are some of the most important lessons you learned during your career?

One of the most important things I have learned is that cybersecurity isn’t necessarily about technology but rather how the business engages with technology, and making the right risk trade-offs. I try to look at situations not just from a cyber approach, but from the perspective of what it means in the context of business. This is a real differentiator. This is the core of Delve Risk’s business and service model. We understand that cyber is another aspect of risk that has to work within the business context of each organization.

Can you share some of the charitable organizations you’re involved with?

Diversity and inclusion are two things that I have been largely focused on for a long time. I’m on the board of Year Up’s National Capital Region. Year Up is a nonprofit focused on disadvantaged youth, helping to propel them into a true career. It’s an amazing organization and something that I’m really proud to be a part of!


Anthony Johnson

Managing Partner — Delve Risk

11710 Plaza America Dr., Suite 200

Reston, VA 20190

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