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Anthony Nelson


Anthony Nelson could never be mistaken for “the new kid on block.” He’s successfully launched 10 startups, later taking his very first venture, ESTec Systems Corp, public. Now, as founder and chairman of 2S Water Inc. (which stands for “scientifically secure water”), Anthony helms a thriving organization that’s dedicated to “protecting the world’s water with real time data using single- and multi-element sensors.” Founded in 2017, the company gives water treatment facilities the ability to detect metal contamination in real time. “We found a technology originally patented in the 1800s that could be used to solve problems,” he states.


With the ability to alert water treatment plants of a problem in real time, 2S Water helps treatment facilities deal with metal contamination issues before they become full-blown health and environmental risks. “The treatment plants are able to see a spike in elements such as lead or nickel and then add the appropriate chemical to remove it from the water,” he explains. Featuring a real-time sensor in water treatment plant control systems, the company not only saves the facilities money by reducing the amount of chemicals used, but also helps to make sure water that is being put out into the world is up to standard. “As chief science officer, I look at everything we’re doing and make sure we’re processing the scene correctly from a scientific standpoint,” he states.


When it comes to business acumen, Anthony has it in spades. He started his first company back in 1969. and has since been involved in multiple other successful ventures, including various manufacturing companies. Currently, he owns a manufacturing company that delivers custom electronics for nuclear power plants and large companies such as GE. With a breadth of experience in a variety of areas and an unquenchable thirst for innovation, Anthony is continually driven to do things that he hasn’t done before. “The fun of doing something different and reaching new heights is really what I enjoy most,” he states.


Anthony holds a degree in mathematics from the University of Alberta and has helped to develop courses for Norwich University. He also serves on the board of Edmonton City Club (formerly the Petroleum Club).


Anthony Nelson

Founder, Chairman & Chief Science Officer

2S Water Inc.



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