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Antonio appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Antonio Soriano


With a culinary narrative painted against the vibrant backdrops of Lima, Paris, and Buenos Aires, Antonio Soriano, executive chef at the iconic Park Hyatt Toronto, exemplifies a unique blend of artistic gastronomy and strategic business insight. His transition from the revered Park Hyatt Buenos Aires to spearheading the much-anticipated reopening of Toronto’s landmark has been a masterstroke in culinary strategy, positioning the hotel as a nexus of gastronomic innovation in Canada.


Antonio’s culinary repertoire is not just a testament to diverse flavours, but a reflection of his acumen in elevating establishments to gastronomic pinnacles. The successful launch and acclaim of his own venture, Astor, reveals a chef who understands the pulse of the market, marrying culinary excellence with business viability.


At the heart of his creations is a commitment to sustainability and a celebration of local Canadian produce, a strategy that underscores the importance of community engagement in modern gastronomy. This commitment extends beyond the kitchen, with Antonio being a proactive member of impactful initiatives like the Social Gastronomy Movement, driving positive change in the culinary ecosystem.


Balancing the symphony of flavours and business strategies is his personal life, where being a father to Julia adds a dimension of warmth and authenticity to his work, infusing every dish with a touch of familial love.


In the dynamic landscape of Canadian culinary arts, Antonio Soriano stands as a symbol of innovative gastronomy, entrepreneurial spirit, and community engagement, crafting a culinary experience that is as strategically sound as it is delicious.


Instagram: @ansoriano

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